What to Do Before Saying I Do

By Todd A. Smith

            A couple’s wedding is arguably the most important day in their life.  Two people joining together in holy matrimony is a dream come true for many people, especially for women.  But planning a wedding on a budget, specifically in an economic recession, can actually turn that dream into a nightmare.

            After Hurricane Ike devastated the Texas Gulf Coast in 2008, many wedding venues were forced to close due to the storm, in addition to poor financial management by the owners.  Brides and grooms who paid deposits for their special day lost their money and their dream wedding in the process.  Fortunately for those couples, talk show host Rachael Ray came to the rescue hosting a giant wedding at Minute Maid Park in Houston that was televised on her show as the “Brides of Harris County.”

            Nevertheless, as many couples are faced with planning a wedding on a budget, they are also faced with the reality that the weak economy will also be a determining factor when choosing the perfect venue. 

Author Taffy Wagner, who recently released the financial education package Money Talk Before The Commitment Walk and Debt Stops At The Altar, believes all couples should do their research when planning their special day.  The audio course and downloadable version will give couples the tools needed to ease the transition into marriage.  Wagner says we do our research when we purchase a car or a house, so why not properly prepare before entering into the most important agreement in one’s life.

            “Money is such a loaded topic for us all, but especially for people starting a new life together who have so many other things to coordinate,” said Wagner.  “It’s time to change how we enter into marriage with little or no financial guidance.  Couples are set up for financial stress.”

            When planning a wedding on a budget, many couples have to decide on the location, the number of attendants and the cost of the wedding attire.  Wagner’s financial education package will allow couples to openly discuss money as individuals and as a married couple. 

            “This really is the cornerstone of a strong marriage, one that shouldn’t get lost in the excitement of planning a wedding,” said Wagner.  “Being on the same page financially, being able to talk to each other about money and how it affects the marriage will help set these couples on the path to happily ever after.”

            Unfortunately, money is the leading cause of divorce in America and many financial troubles can be avoided if couples prepare for them.  From planning a wedding on a budget to having separate banking accounts or a joint account, how a couple prepares financially can eliminate much stress in a marriage.

            “Money Talk Before The Commitment Walk and Debt Stops At The Altar program is a unique gift for engaged couples or newlyweds that keeps giving for a lifetime,” she says.

            And as many married couples know, marriage is not simply the perfect wedding day but a lifetime commitment, and Wagner believes her new release will teach couples about planning a wedding on a budget and is just what couples need to turn their dream wedding into a dream come true for a lifetime.

Smith is publisher of Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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