Love versus money is an ongoing battle in many relationships.

Love Versus Money

By Bruce Brown

Usually blue skies and a cool breeze can make one happy. On the other hand, blue skies and a cool breeze in the Bahamas can make one even happier, especially when you live in a place where the temperature is below zero. 

So it is clear how one could argue that money is the central force in getting us the things we need as well as the things in life that makes us happy. But if we scratch the surface, one also can find that there is a polarizing difference between the happiness money brings and the happiness that love brings.

Although money makes the world go round, fighting about it can definitely bankrupt your relationship.

In any case, I’d like to explore the subject matter of which would be easier to live without.

 Which would you choose?

Although you can’t live on love alone, there’s no way to honestly live happy without it.

By loving others or being loved, a special feeling emerges and resonates with the universe. After all, God is love.

In an interview with US Weekly, Kimora Lee Simmons stated that she would choose love over money.

The 35-year-old mother of three insisted, “You could pawn the ring and get the money. And if you’re in love and it doesn’t work out, there’s always an insurance policy in there somewhere.”

Houston scholar Paisley McRae also insisted she would choose love over money. “If you are down and out, are those people gonna be there for you? I have a friend where if I was rich or poor she would be there through thick and thin. We can’t even bring money to heaven or in hell once we perish here on earth.”

But does love make money any less important when it comes to the economy we live in? 

Sometimes love is not always the answer to certain individuals. Rightfully so, money is an undeniable factor in a relationship that involves joint accounts.

Engineer Joel Jordan suggested that on the other side of the coin, it’s easier to live life without love rather than without money.

 “Money can drive people together whereas love can separate people. (The) broke man has to worry about finances and every day essential needs whereas the wealthy man can take care of those things. You can be put in places that can give you access to love. You can’t pay bills with love.”

According to college student Krishunda Goodman, money is definitely a huge factor in a relationship. “If you ever struggled, you will agree money in a way is just as important. Potential don’t pay bills or put food on (the) table. If you want something and you got standards you should stick to it and if you know you like nice things or aspire to have things then why would you settle for ‘booboo’ on the corner?”

Moving Forward…

Money is a tangible part of a relationship, so it is easy to project emotional issues onto concrete money matters. 

But in a healthy relationship I’d say personally both are important. Is your arm less important than your legs? Both things function together hand-in-hand in order to move forward in life.

But at the end of the day, love will get you through any circumstances as long as it resonates within you and the ones you love.

You will always have a support team and people that can bless you in ways that money can’t.

Depending on who you are, one may serve a higher purpose than the other. But who’s to say that you cannot aspire to have both?

Brown is a contributing writer for Regal Magazine, a publication dedicated to the African American community

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