Kim Roxie

Skin Care Tips for Men by LAMIK

By Todd A. Smith

            So you think skin care is just for women.  Think again.

            Although entrepreneur Kim Roxie began LAMIK (Love And Makeup in Kindness) cosmetics, which can now be purchased in stores and at Macy’, for ladies, it did not take long for “boys” and men to take advantage of her skin care tips for men.

            Mr. Bad Boy Records himself, Sean “Diddy” Combs, was turned on to Roxie’s products by celebrity groomer Merrell Hollis, putting to rest the stereotype that skin care is feminine and not for real men.

            “Skin care is masculine because taking a shower is masculine,” explains Roxie.  “They are both trained hygiene habits we should all have.”

            Nevertheless, since men have facial hair, skin care tips for men differ from skin care for their female counterparts.

            “Men have different challenges from (women) involving their skin,” adds Roxie.  “For example, men have facial hair and they shave, which requires additional skin care maintenance like hydration because extremely dry skin is prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

            “Men are not wearing makeup to protect their skin after they use their skin care regimen, so they should definitely be faithful to their regimen morning and night.  Men’s skin (is) oily in most cases.  Their sebaceous glands, which produce oil, are more active.  As a result, they can be prone to certain skin problems like acne and blackheads.”

            Roxie encourages men to visit a licensed esthetician (a person who does facials) for a consultation and skin analysis.  She next encourages men to determine their skin type and develop a regimen that will correctly address their skin care needs.  Lastly, Roxie encourages them to follow four skin care tips for men:

1)      Men should always wash their face thoroughly with a cleanser designed for their skin type

2)      Apply a dime-size amount of toner to their entire face

3)      Massage moisturizer into facial skin, and

4)      Exfoliate a couple of times per week to remove all dead cells and give skin a new cell turnover

      Another important element to skin care tips for men is the age factor.  Like women, as men age they need to take better care of their skin.  The same regimen implemented in a man’s younger days will serve them well, and appearance-wise, will slow down the dreaded aging process.

      Roxie believes the key element in regards to skin care tips for men is not the location where men buy their products but who he buys the products from.  It is in a man’s best interest to buy all of their products from a skin care consultant or a licensed esthetician so they can make informed decisions.

      Not only will knowledge be gained from a male perspective by working with a licensed esthetician but men will learn more about buying skin care products for that special lady in their life.

      Roxie says, “Women love and are faithful to their beauty products, so men align yourself with them (and) she will love you more for it.  Also, women find it flattering when men buy them beauty products.  It says you like me to look fabulous.”

      And having a woman on your arm that looks fabulous definitely makes you look like “The Man,” and nothing short of masculine.

Smith is publisher of Regal Magazine, a publication dedicated to the African American community.

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