Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford is the perfect cologne selection for that last minute Christmas gift for your man.

All We Want For Christmas Is…

By Todd A. Smith

Ladies, if you bought a necktie or tool set for that special man in your life, get your money back because men want something different than the clichéd gifts of yesteryear this Christmas season.

Manly gifts will always be some of the top Christmas gift ideas for men, but our entire mission in life is to impress women, and power tools do not necessarily draw beautiful women to men.  However, smelling good and staying well groomed does attract women, so women should help their men look and smell their best this Christmas season. recently reported, “Although men can be less picky than women when it comes to gifts, you still have to be sure to get your guy something practical that won’t end up in the garage or the bottom of his dresser drawer. This year, nix the socks, ties or expensive gadgets—it’s time to show your love with thoughtful yet manly personal-grooming gifts.

Yes, you heard right. Guys nowadays tend to pamper themselves more than ever, but some of them still need a little push to pay attention to their grooming.”

When it comes to top Christmas gift ideas for men, cologne should always be on the top of the list. 

If your man is a white-collar professional, smelling sophisticated and classy, while staying masculine is easy to achieve with Dolce and Gabbana: The One, any fragrance by Burberry (i.e. Touch, Classic, Brit, Sport or Beat) or Tom Ford: Grey Vetiver.

The Dolce and Gabbana: The One gift set comes with a 3.3 Fl. Oz. and 1.0 Fl Oz. bottle for $85 and the entire Burberry gift set is only $40, both at Sephora.  The Tom Ford: Grey Vetiver can be purchased for $90 at Sephora.

An unsung favorite amongst top Christmas gift ideas for men is the Ped Egg, which can be purchased at Walgreens for only $10. 

The Ped Egg is perfect for the man that wants to give his feet that pedicure look, but is not comfortable visiting the nail salon.

It is also perfect for those who want to keep up their appearances physically but cannot afford to pamper themselves at the salon on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Also on the list for top Christmas gift ideas for men is any product that can keep them well-groomed in any situation and on any given day.

“Man-scaping” has become very popular within the male demographic and Sephora also has the perfect product for men who need to look their best at the spur of the moment, especially if they travel frequently or are in the public eye.

For only eight dollars, women can purchase the Grooming on the Go kit, which comes with facial cleaner (to make your face clean and ease away fine lines) and shaving cream for the smoothest shave possible.

However, women should not be alarmed totally, because some typical manly gifts still make our list for the top Christmas gift ideas for men.

For the sports enthusiast in your life, the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary series is the ideal gift. 

Every man’s favorite television channel released a series of 30 sports documentaries to honor their first 30 years on the air. 

Documentaries range from the tragic death of basketball star Len Bias in 1986 to the Pony Express football team at SMU in the early 1980s.  The complete first series set can be purchased at Best Buy for $50.

Although most people have them on their cell phone, a good GPS system is another one of our selections for the top Christmas gift ideas for men.  Since men are notoriously bad at admitting they are lost, a GPS system will guarantee that he never has to ask for directions again.

Lastly, nothing says masculine sophistication like a good cigar.  If your man is a cigar connoisseur, the cigar humidor is another one of our top Christmas gift ideas for men. 

The cigar humidor keeps the cigars moist and ensures that they age like a fine wine. 

One can be purchased for only $99.95 online at

Let’s be honest ladies.  Do you really want a man that looks like a caveman and smells like motor oil every day?  Doubtful.  So, some of our top Christmas gift ideas for men are really for you in disguise.

Sure, men love sports and car accessories, but we really love to impress the women in our lives.  And nothing will impress a woman more than some of Regal’s top Christmas gift ideas for men.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

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