The Warrior Diet
By Ori Hofmekler, author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet

    “There is evidence that men are getting less virile and more feminized than
ever,” says Ori Hofmekler, author of The Warrior Diet, “and the reason may
be hidden in the food.”
    In only one generation, men’s testosterone levels and sperm count have
dropped by a staggering 20 percent, and the rates of impotence, sterility,
prostate disorders, and cancer among adult males are at an all-time high. In
spite of advent science and the ever-growing number of diet programs,
prescription drugs, health products, potency pills, and billions of dollars
spent annually on health care, men are losing their ability to perform
sexually and reproduce.
    The Warrior Diet reveals how popular weight loss diets and even health foods
have been shattering men’s virility. This book explains how chemicals in
commonly eaten foods have been causing feminization of the male body, from
stubborn fat gain in the belly and chest to hormonal imbalance that
disproportionately increases estrogen levels. “We aren’t the same men as our
fathers and grandfathers were, and we need to know what to do to reverse
this emasculating trend now,” indicates Hofmekler.
    The Warrior Diet is a call for action.  Based on survival science and
anthropological research, the book proposes a radical yet surprisingly
effective solution to current men’s health crisis. In Chapter 12, “Sex
Drive, Potency and Animal Magnetism,” the book shows what promotes
testosterone and what suppresses it, once and for all revealing the
fallacies regarding potency pills, aphrodisiac supplements, and men’s
    Endorsed by health experts and researchers, featured by magazines, medical
journals, television and newspapers worldwide, The Warrior Diet breaks new
ground in guiding people to restore their ability to manage weight and
sustain health in today’s world.
    Ori Hofmekler is also the author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet and Maximum
Muscle Minimum Fat.  For more information, please see
Ori Hofmekler can be reached at

Praise for The Warrior Diet:

“I believe The Warrior Diet will create a revolution in people’s lives – a
renaissance of the spirit of raw living. It covers all aspects of life with
a clearly defined diet that I find to be as effective for women as it is for
-Harvey Diamond, author of New York Times’ #1 bestseller Fit For Life
“Rare in books about foods, there is wisdom in the pages of The Warrior
Diet.  Ori knows the techniques, but he shows you a possibility – a platform
for living your life as well.  The Warrior Diet is a book that talks to all of
you – the whole person hidden inside.”
-Udo Erasmus, author of Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill
“In my quest for a lean, muscular body, I have seen practically every diet
and suffered through most of them. It is also my business to help others
with their fat loss programs. I am supremely skeptical of any eating plan or
“diet” book that can’t tell me how and why it works in simple language.
Hofmekler’s The Warrior Diet does just this, with a logical, readable
approach that provides grounding for his claims and never asks the reader to
take a leap of faith. The Warrior Diet can be a very valuable weapon in the
personal arsenal of any woman.”
-DC Maxwell, 2-time Women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Co-Owner,
Maxercise Sports/Fitness Training Center and Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy
“The Warrior Diet certainly defies so-called modern nutritional and training
dogmas. Having met Ori on several occasions, I can certainly attest that he
is the living proof that his system works. He maintains a ripped muscular
body year round despite juggling extreme workloads and family life. His take
on supplementation is refreshing as he promotes an integrated and timed
approach. The Warrior Diet is a must read for the nutrition and training
enthusiast who wishes to expand his horizons.”
-Charles Poliquin, author of The Poliquin Principles and Modern Trends in
Strength Training, Three-Time Olympic Strength Coach
“Ori Hofmekler has his finger on a deep, ancient and very visceral pulse –
one that too many of us have all but forgotten. Part warrior-athlete, part
philosopher-romantic, Ori not only reminds us what this innate, instinctive
rhythm is all about, he also shows us how to detect and rekindle it in our
own bodies. His program challenges and guides each of us to fully reclaim
for ourselves the strength, sinew, energy and spirit that humans have always
been meant to possess.”
-Pilar Gerasimo, Editor in Chief, Experience Life Magazine

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