Back From the Dead

By Warren Cornelius

            If you know someone who has struggled with drug abuse then you know the terrible toll it can take on someone’s life.  A drug addiction can strip someone of their potential and rob them of their future.  It can also destroy the lives of family members and friends who have to cope with their addiction while seeking to redirect their life in a positive direction.

            Detroit native Ron Larry, author of From the Guttermost to the Uttermost, chronicles his experience as a drug addict in his new book, which if not corrected would have led to an early grave.

            In urban vernacular, Larry tells the story of his troubled childhood and incarcerations at an early age to a full-blown addict inflicting self-murder on the mean streets of the Motor City.

            “Perhaps, to your horror you’ll find yourself feeling sympathetic over Ron’s plight or totally appalled by it.  From the Guttermost to the Uttermost shows some behaviorisms that are uncommon to the average person.  There is gory details of how ‘pulled-in’ one can easily get into the drug scene, thus leading to webs of criminal activity,” the publisher Fairway Press said in a released statement.

            In addition, From the Guttermost to the Uttermost is a story of forgiveness and redemption.  Larry’s struggle is a much-needed lesson that teaches that no matter how far in the gutter one may seem, with faith in God, one can rise to the pinnacle of success and spiritual renewal.

            According to Fairway Press, Larry has spent the past 21 years running a prison ministry, counseling both male and female inmates.  The author of From the Guttermost to the Uttermost has spoken across the United States as well as in Belle Vista prison in Medellin, Columbia, South America.

            For lives affected by drug addiction, the struggle may seem never ending.  The nights in jail, the stolen automobiles and electronics that are used to get a fix are enough to turn a person or family upside down.

            But just when you are about to give up hope for a better tomorrow, think about how Ron Larry went From the Guttermost to the Uttermost and hold on to hope for a better future.

Cornelius is a writer for Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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