Celebrities from Kanye West to Michael Jackson made varsity jackets popular even after high school graduation (Photo Credit: Yahoo Images).

The V in Varsity

So many styles have come and gone.

As simple as it may seem, in-styles can change as quickly as two months.

No matter what the trend is, two things will always happen. The style will come and go, or the style will come, go and resurface.

There is nothing new under the sun.  From throwback jerseys to all things retro, every fashion has made its mark this day and age with many making the mark more than once.

Some styles acquire more eyebrow raising, while others don’t even obtain a head turn.

Mainstream celebrities often set the tone for many fashion junkies.

From colors to cardigans, and from sneakers to tees, some styles are worth going crazy for.

One of my particular favorite styles that I have seen celebrities rock out to lately is varsity jackets.

 Both varsity and lettermen jackets are becoming more and more popular on today’s fashion scene, especially amongst celebrities.

Singers like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Chris Brown and even Kanye have been known to rock the school-aged look of a varsity jacket.  The most fly of them all had to be Michael Jackson.

In my opinion, the varsity jacket is one of the coolest looks that say “I’m cool, relaxed, and fly.” 

If you don’t have a varsity jacket in your closet for the fall fashion line up, pause and ask yourself why?

Varsity jackets are not only cool looking, but they are also comfortable to wear when you don’t want to wear big bulky coats or jackets.

Varsity jackets are lightweight and also trendy.

Lately, you can even find varsity jackets with your initial on it, or like many consider getting embroidery.

Whichever you choose, a varsity or lettermen jacket is a must have this fall.

Not only does it create style, it creates a throwback old school look, which of course is what you are going for.

            What do you wear your jacket with? I’m glad you asked. The ever so popular jacket can be rocked with basic denim or ripped jeans.

For guys, a varsity jacket, denim jeans or cargo pants or even cargo shorts with a basic tee sets a tone not soon to be forgotten.

The right shoes will complete the outfit that makes a cool fashion statement.

A pair of boat shoes is preferred if you are going for the dapper look.

If you are going for the dressed-down relaxed look, guys always manage to add a pair of kicks to their look.

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Set your own tone and go with the flow.

            So, I ask again if you don’t have a varsity jacket or two in your closet in different colors, what exactly is stopping you? 

Are you ready to take fashion to another level?

Go ahead, add the V to your closet and put the V in varsity, a trend that is back and this time here to stay.

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