Wear darker colors and dress in layers during the fall season (Photo Credit: TheComedyPoint.com).

Fellas, Put Away Your White Linen

            What’s up my brothers?  I know you had fun over the spring and summer wearing your vibrant colors and white linen. 

            But come Tuesday, the fun is over and the dreary days of autumn will basically be upon us.

            I know you’ve probably heard women say they cannot wear white pants, etc. after Labor Day, but the same rules apply to us too.  It’s almost 2014 and we have to step our fashion sense up in this new era we live in.

            As a result, it is time to push those vibrant colors to the back of the closet, and dress for the new season we will enter next month.

            Here are just a few tips to look the part at the bottom part of the calendar, which is fall and winter.

·         Put away your white linen pants and don’t take them out of the closet again until next spring

·         I know bright colors are in, but put your pastels away and switch to more fall colors

·         A simple rule to follow if you do not know the difference between a spring and a fall color is to think about the colors of spring versus the colors of fall and winter.  In the spring and summer, flowers and trees are full of vibrant colors and in the fall those colors begin to turn brown

·         Get rid of the flip-flops and wear real shoes

·         Try gray jeans instead of blue jeans

·         Wear heavier fabrics and darker colors than you do in the spring

·         Dress in layers in case the weather warms up (i.e. sweaters that can be removed without ruining your outfit)

·         Make sure your wind breaker is fashionable.  No matter how much people try, the Members Only coat will never be back in style so go against the grain and find one that fits your personality.

Remember, the key to being a fashionable man is to know what kind of man you are or what your personality is.  Once you know you, you will know your style and everyone (especially the ladies) will notice you too.

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