The King of the South, T.I., has apparently also become the king of seersucker (Photo courtesy of

Simply Eye Catching: Seersucker Suits

So you finally decided to take that bold step; the one step to add not only boldness, but the one that is guaranteed to turn heads and produce head-nods of approval from every person watching. 

You stepped outside of your comfort zone and you are indeed on your way.  So what exactly did you do? With your head held high and your confidence even higher, you purchased your very first seersucker suit.

The seersucker is one of the boldest, trendiest suits next to linen. From brands like Ralph Lauren and Izod, seersucker has become a favorite of not only runway models, but also the modern day “Renaissance Man.” 

From traditional blue and white to brown and white, and any color in between, seersucker is creating a buzz around the country. Don’t believe it? Check almost any mannequin from Express to Jos. A Bank and you’re guaranteed to see the trend from window to window.

As cool as a spring breeze, seersucker suits have been demanded by many. Seersucker suits even come in smaller sizes that accommodate even the youngest child.

            There’s something sexy about the look of a seersucker suit on a man. Not every guy will possess the confidence or swagger that goes along with it, but if he indeed finds it, he should very well hold on to it.

Tailored suits are nowhere near comparable and sometimes play second fiddle to seersucker suits.

A guy that can take his playboy exterior and master this suit is one that raises eyebrows as his fashion sense is sexy, intelligent, and tasteful. 

Seersucker suits present a sense of bold edginess for most men and when purchased, the look of achievement is evident.

The suit can be paired with any color shirt, the brighter the better.  However, when choosing brighter colors, choose those for more modern trendy settings. It’s one of the simplest suits that require little thought when choosing.

            Seersucker has become popular amongst celebrities like Diddy, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake to name a few. From day parties to golf tournaments and the all-around yacht party, seersucker is receiving rave reviews and thumbs up.

Although a popular spring time look, I wouldn’t suggest wearing the suit to a wedding.

            Brands like Gant, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Marc Jacobs, and Paul Stuart are among popular brands that guys are choosing. Outside of the norm, colors like pink, green, brown or yellow are not trending.

            Here are a few simple ways to wear seersucker suits:

The suit is meant to be worn during the season of summer or warmer months.  There really is no beginning or end date, but from Easter Sunday on you’re guaranteed to see it.

Because of its popularity, the woven wrinkles prevent the fabric from clinging to the body.  When choosing a suit, be sure to have a traditional basic color on hand first. Basic light blue or gray is perfect; colorful suits can be your second choice.

Pair it with classic brown shoes, a white shirt and a light color tie. Never wear the suit with a t-shirt, but rather a tailored-fitted shirt.

Adding simple accessories like a neutral colored tie such as navy or gray makes the perfect fashion statement for keeping a classic look. A classic watch can be worn and if a belt must be worn, it should be a basic brown or white with no pattern.

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