Although we love his musical talent (“Do What You Do” is still the jam), we do not love the fashion taste of musician Jermaine Jackson.  Sorry “bruh” (Photo Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello).

How an Old School Player Can Stay in the Game

          The spring and summer months are upon us, and so are warm weather traditions like cruises, day parties and music festivals.

          Many of these festivities are perfect for the older brother who back in the 1970s was as fly as Ron O’Neal and Fred Williamson.  But sometimes we have to learn the hard lesson that our heyday is behind us and so is the fashion that made us “super fly” in the 1970s and “fresh” in the 1980s.

          Fellas, if you walk into the Essence Festival this summer and all female eyes are on you that might not necessarily be a good thing. 

The ladies are probably just surprised that clothing stores still sold zoot suits or that you still can find a hair stylist that knows how to do a jheri curl.

          If you are an old school player, you can still be fly, just fly a little closer to the ground. 

Remember, less is more and that fact is even truer the more seasoned you become in life.

          Regal Magazine gives the mature brother advice on how to look good without looking out of place.

·        Avoid loud suits, specifically zoot suits with long blazers:  It’s always good to have a splash of color, and wearing a bright blazer looks good.  But your entire suit shouldn’t be the same loud color.  If you wear a bright sports coat, wear slacks that are a conservative color, preferable white linen pants.  And don’t get too bold with your shoe color.  Purple shoes are never OK, but you can get away with navy blue shoes and other colorful hues.

·        Avoid hats with the feather in them at all costs.  Hats are definitely cool if that fits your style, but that feather has got to go.  No excuses.

·        Unless you are a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Beat Sigma or any other fraternity and participating in a step show, a cane is not a good accessory to add to your look.  The only other exception to the cane rule is if you need it for medical reasons.

·        Although this is not fashion advice, it is life advice.  If you are a member of AARP, you shouldn’t be kicking it at the club every weekend unless you are the owner or you’re a celebrity like the members of The O’Jays earning an appearance fee to party.

·        Since it is not 1989, brothers shouldn’t be putting chemicals in their hair.  If you have Duke or S-Curl in your bathroom throw it away immediately.  Sorry Jermaine Jackson, don’t take it personal.

·        Although this is for the colder months, stop wearing full-length mink and chinchilla coats.  Save the animals and save your money.

·        In a nutshell, do not dress like Stan from “Martin” or Mr. Brown from “Meet the Browns” and you will be OK.

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