Make sure to add checkered shirts to your spring and summer 2018 wardrobe.


Make Sure Your Wardrobe Springs Forward Too

To the East Coast readers, we apologize for this article.

At our office in Houston, we are fully aware that you all are suffering through another nor’easter and we hope that you all remain warm and safe.

But in our “Dirty South” office, it is currently 63 degrees, beautiful and sunny and we have officially placed all of our winter clothes away and brought back out our spring and summer wardrobe.

Unfortunately or fortunately, every season brings new fashion trends and some of our best outfits of the past should be left in the past or at least placed in the back of the closets with our winter clothes.

But before you make those important wardrobe decisions this spring and summer, has suggestions that will take your current wardrobe to the next level.

All white is alright—white linen; white seersucker suits, white Vans or Chuck Taylor shoes; spring and summer parties often have an all-white theme so men should have some all white outfits especially for the occasion. The only splash of color that is allowed, however, when wearing an all-white suit is the pocket square. Remember, your pocket square cannot exactly match the color of your suit or shirt.

Calling Cam’Ron—If you thought men wearing pink went out of style when rapper Cam’Ron stopped rocking it, oh boy, you are incorrect. In 2018, all hues of pink are O.K. for guys from millennial pink (a warm, brush rose color) to even hot pink if you are secure and confident enough to pull it off. For those extremely confident, Tom Ford has some light pink jeans that you can order if you act fast.

Vertical stripes—Vertical stripes are an absolute necessity for the spring and summer of 2018. Whether it is big, bold stripes or smaller pinstripes make sure if you purchase a suit for the spring and/or summer, it has stripes of some sort in them. If you want your styles to last, smaller pinstripes will always remain in fashion because they are more conservative in nature. However, if you want to make a quick and brief splash with your suit game, you can grab more attention with the bolder stripes. Vertical stripe shirts are the things to have this season also. One big stripe down the side of your trousers is also a great look this season.

Island look—Tropical shirts usually get a side eye from the ladies and fashion experts, but designers say that tropical shirts are a must have for spring and summer 2018. Even Louis Vuitton, of all designers, is backing the new tropical shirt fad for men. How you rock the tropical shirt is key. Try wearing it un-tucked with a suit and some Vans or Chuck Taylor’s, without socks, to make sure you don’t get mistaken for someone’s out of style grandfather.


Checkmark for checks—Checks never went out of style for men. However, there are so many men without any checkered shirts or suits in their wardrobe. But remember, less is more when dealing with checks. Don’t where checkered shirts with checkered or stripe suits because your clothes will look way too busy. On the other hand, if you are wearing a solid suit, spice your look up with a checkered shirt. But as always, make sure your pocket square does not exactly match your suit or shirt.

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