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Linen Blazers for Men: This is For the Cool

Now that the blistering cold seems to have finally come to an end and the word “spring” isn’t a foreign language, it is finally time to pull out those trends that make us smile.

Bright colors, cargo shorts, polo shirts, and my all time favorite, linen suits. 

A man who is able to wear a linen suit must be strong and confident in his dress. While the look can promote fashion, it also promotes class. 

Linen in the recent years has surfaced on the scene and more guys are rocking the oh-so cool threads. So just how cool is cool? Is the linen blazer a good look for the spring?

            The linen blazer is not only a must have for men in their closet this spring, but it is also a light weight blazer that can be paired with linen pants, jeans, or slacks.

No matter which route you so choose, it’s safe to say that the linen blazer is a comfortable light-form and it can be dressed up or dressed down.

Linen blazers also come in different colors. From seersucker striped for the spring to warm yellows, crèmes, whites, or pale pinks for the summer; to dark blue for the winter and even winter whites, the linen blazer is becoming a favorite to some and a must have too many others.

            While linen is very popular and it won’t be going out of style anytime soon, in order to get the best wear out of your linen blazer it is best for you to take care of your jacket the best way possible in order to keep your jacket for some time. 

First, have linen professionally dry cleaned in order to maintain its shape and freshness.  I would advise you to follow the cleaning instructions that the manufacture included. 

While many men might have their linen blazers dry cleaned, some also wash them at home and use a hot iron to press out the wrinkles. It is also important to remember to never use a steamer to remove wrinkles from your linen. 

            So is there a perfect place to rock linen? Linen blazers and/or pants make for the perfect ensemble for a nice day on a yacht, a day party, or even a light cook out.  Dare to be different?

The linen blazer can even be worn to the workplace for casual Fridays.  Thinking about joining the guys for happy hour after a long day of work on Friday? Linen makes for a perfect clean cut and fresh look when hanging out with the fellas at the bar.

            Many guys don’t feel that linen is a trend they wish to rock.  It’s not for everyone but if you do decide to purchase a linen blazer this spring make sure you go for a classic white, seersucker print, and/or baby blue.  Why? Because your confidence shows through them!

So just how cool are linen blazers this spring? Real Cool…. Hot enough to turn heads, but cool enough for eyebrows to raise…..This is simply for the cool…In You!

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