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Denim Shirts for Men: Can You Feel It?

Denim has been around for as long as can be imagined. From overalls to jeans and even denim jackets, the look is no stranger.

Almost any look can be created with simple denim bottoms.  So what about the new craze of denim shirts that has set sail on the scene of fashion? Not another “That ’70s Show,” but definitely no stranger to the fashion scene, denim shirts for men have resurfaced but now in a more traditional look and feel. 

More women are rocking the look with everything from ripped up two-toned jeans to short minis with funky boots to compliment them.  But is this a look that guys really feel? Denim shirts for men; is it a cool look for the spring time or just a magazine craze left to savvy models for upcoming photo shoots? You be the judge.

            Denim shirts for men are reveling on the scene and becoming more classic and sexy.

More guys are ditching their basic white shirts and opting for denim shirts to spice up boring wardrobes.

The denim shirt creates a bold statement that sends the message that guys are different and don’t buy into the traditional look, or “hey I just want to add color.” No matter what the reason is, guys are requesting the denim shirt at every counter and taking no for an answer is not an option. The denim look is no doubt one that is here to stay.

            The denim shirt looks most sexy when it is rolled up to maybe three-fourth quarter sleeves. Paired with cargo shorts of any color, and complete with boat shoes, the look remains stylish and sexy. 

If boat shoes are not quite the look you are going for to seal the deal, All-Stars can always be subbed in to save the day for a more casual look. 

If you’re looking to spice up the look, a nice linen blazer and linen bottoms will always be thumbs up!

Not really feeling linen?  Add a pair of cargo pants to make the simple style look as casual as possible for a Friday evening happy hour. 

Denim shirts for men can also be worn with dark slacks, and even white denim looks good paired with it.

On many occasions, men are adding ties, bow ties, and even hats to the look to bring more style and taste to their wardrobe.

The boring simple button down denim look, tucked into your pants look is so 1990s. Creating a trend of your own is one of the most important things to do.

            Many styles will surface. Many trends will come and go. As a true fashion lover and observer of the obvious, no trend is set in stone. 

Guys create their own milestones when it comes to different looks. From the runway, to hanging on the stoop, any style can become your own.  I always admire a man that can take a trend and own it and make it his own.

As for denim shirts for men this spring; “fellas” can you feel it?

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