Pink, yellow and checkerboard designs are some of the latest trends in male fashion (Photo Credit: Rex Features via AP Images).


Must Have Fashion Items for Spring, Summer 2017

Old heads might scoff at the latest in male fashion trends.

However, the youngsters know what cool is and some of it has an old school hip-hop flavor, while other trends are totally new and unique.

Gone are the baggy and long shorts, and back are the extremely short shorts our fathers wore in the 1970s and 1980s.

Wide shoulders on blazers and 1990s street wear are back with new accessories like ropes and chains used in bondage.

So, check out the additional trends to come out of Fashion Week in New York below to see what works for you and what does not.

Couture hiking gear—Even if you are not an avid outdoorsmen, hiking gear is in style from backpacks to walking sandals.  However, your hiking gear has to be high-end quality

1990s street wear (inner city outerwear couture)—Dust off your old Fila sweatshirts and Nike suits because the 1990s are back with a vengeance

Oversized/wide shoulders—from bombers to blazers the wider the shoulder, the better

Luxury bondage (harnesses and restraints)—whips and chains are no longer reserved for a kinky person’s bedroom.  Now a kinky person can take their chains with them as a fashion accessory

Caps (red, denim and nude)—According to R&B star Frankie Beverly red baseball caps have never been out of style because he is known for rocking caps on stage.  However, red, denim and nude baseball caps are necessary over the warmer months.  If you are really a “G,” you will cop a Chance 3 cap.

Rope line (climbing rope used as accessory)—belts are so 2016.  Instead of belts, use rope instead around your waist.  Even if you insist on belts, ropes can be used as an accessory in other places as well

Backpacks—backpacks are not reserved for students.  Any backpack will get the job done, but true ballers will insist on Prada or Louis Vuitton

Very short shorts—2017 has not only taken us back to the 1990s, it has taken us to the 1970s and 1980s as well.  Shorter shorts are popular amongst the young millennials.  Just check out some college basketball players for proof

Yellow—You cannot go wrong with yellow everything this summer and spring

Checkerboard—Find your old Skidz checkered shirts and pants because checkers are back in style for 2017

Bucket hat—the outdoors fisherman look continues with bucket hats from waxed rain hats to Plexiglas hats

Jackets around waist—Old school players who looked lame with their jackets around their waist look trendy in 2017

Cream—sandy shades and neutral linen tones are essential colors for 2017

Camouflage—women like men who are military-minded.  Let her know you are a true soldier by rocking camouflage

Windbreaker—nothing says 1980s like the windbreaker.  Members Only coats can finally be returned to the front of closets

Varying strip widths—Pen stripes are too conservative.  Stripes of all sizes are acceptable in 2017

Pink—Somewhere rapper Cam’ron and the former guitarist for The Time, Jesse Johnson are smiling because of the return to prominence of pink for men

Stonewash/acid-splashed jeans—The return to the 1990s is complete with the return of stonewash jeans


Purple—there is no better way to honor the late musical genius Prince than to let purple reign in 2017

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