Fellas, avoid this look at all cost (Photo courtesy of Polyvore.com).

Skinny Jeans: Go or No?

The trend of guys in skinny jeans seems to be taking a popular rise among fashion junkies.

 More guys are getting in to the fashion woe and are becoming victims of the skinny jean trend.

As more celebrities such as Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa rock these fads, the trend of classic blue jeans seems to be on the decline and is taking a back seat except for dress down Fridays in corporate offices. 

Whatever cut of jeans you decide to buy should always be in good taste, presentable, and clean.   When choosing a pair of jeans, be careful in what setting you will be wearing them.  I am a fashion junkie at heart and I love being different, but one thing that I absolutely cannot stand is guys in skinny jeans.

            Although guys in skinny jeans seem to be the trend on every corner, the look of the skinny ankle tapered pants is just not attractive in my opinion. It also creates a non-presentable look unless you’re a young teenager who gets a rush out of the fad.

Guys in skinny jeans already present a funny look, so sagging them only makes it worst. 

Not every guy is shaped for them so adding bulky shirts and funky colored sneakers only makes the fad worst.

So you might be thinking, well what exactly do I like? Well, I find old fashioned classic blue jeans just fine. Not a tight fit; not a loose, baggy fit, just a simple classic relaxed fit will do well. 

Jeans that can be worn in any setting, whether it’s to work on Friday or if it’s to a dressed down Sunday service are ideal. 

Classic jeans, like skinny jeans are not meant to sag off of your behind.  Choosing a pair of jeans that fit comfortably on the waist and hit the right length over your shoe is the best way to shop for jeans. 

As long as I have been in fashion, I can’t tell you the countless number of dos and don’ts I have given people.

Sometimes people simply think it’s all in good taste, just like many guys in skinny jeans. Guys think wearing classic blue jeans appear non-masculine, when actually they look good.  Classic fit, boot cut, wide leg, etc.; they can be chosen in different brands, fits, and styles. 

Guys in skinny jeans that choose to sag, however, do not make the cut.  So if you’re a guy in the market for jeans, here are some simple dos and don’ts when shopping for jeans:



Shop for jeans for the occasion

Shop for darker jeans

Shop for jeans with longer length

Shop for the right size jeans

Shop for jeans by brand

Shop around

Keep it classic


Don’t buy jeans you can only wear to the club

Don’t buy acid colored or Clorox washed

Don’t buy cropped or short jeans

Don’t buy jeans that are too tight or too baggy

Don’t buy the same type of jeans every time

Don’t buy the first thing you see

Leave the skinny jeans in the store

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