Vetiver Guerlain is a nice and inexpensive winter cologne for men (Photo Credit:

Men Should Know Which Cologne to Wear in Various Seasons and Settings

Being well groomed is essential for the sophisticated male.  Smelling good is just as important as looking good because first impressions usually are hard to overcome. 

However, many men do not know which cologne to wear in different settings and which cologne to wear in the summer versus winter.  Regal Magazine breaks down the essentials that will have men smelling the right way in the right situation

·         Save your expensive cologne (i.e. Tom Ford fragrances, etc.) for fancy occasions.

·         Your most expensive cologne will also be good on a first date to make a great first impression.

·         Strong, musky scents can be overpowering for the summer months.  Save musk scents for colder months.

·         Winter colognes should be worn when the temperature dips below 65 degrees.

·         Winter colognes tend to last longer than summer fragrances.

·         Marine and aqua scents are too weak for winter.  Wear these during the hotter months.

·         If you are a school age male, do not get too fancy with your fragrance.  A Kenneth Cole fragrance will be a good fit for something like a school dance.

·         In a semiformal setting, stick with something like Burberry.  It’s sophisticated, but not too costly for something like a work environment.

·         Never wear scented deodorant with cologne.  Stick with unscented deodorant.

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