Corduroy shorts allow a man to mimic the swagger of a celebrity without breaking the bank (Photo Credit:

Corduroy: Giving You Something You Can Feel

Crushed velvet, velveteen, plush material, suede, or just that smooth feeling of corduroy over your skin reminding you of your childhood days, dressed by mom in your most dapper ensemble in the closet. 

Sure, corduroy wasn’t the most appealing look back in the 1980s, but fast forwarding to 2013, it makes for a cool, sensual, and polished look.

Corduroy can be worn in so many ways from blazers to the most recent do it if you’re bad, shorts. 

Any style can be as simple or over the top eye-catching as you make it. The look that you achieve is totally up to you.

Celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Ben Affleck can be seen wearing corduroy shorts on any given day just to relax.

Celebrities have even taken the initiative to add jazz to their children’s wardrobes as many of them are also buying corduroy shorts for their mini-me’s, sometimes with blazers to match. Now, how cool is that?

Sure, we all like to vibe with and roll with whatever style celebrities are showing off, but in every aspect it is important to keep the style in good taste. So you ask, what do you wear corduroy with?

Corduroy shorts can be paired with simple white collared shirts, bowties, and boat shoe for the male who is hanging out at a Saturday boat party, or headed out for a night on the town.

Adding a blazer to any look takes it from simple to brash. With accessories and color, corduroy shorts are now not only live in living color, but the comfort of them is still the same with little to no effort at all.

The wonderful thing about pulling off such a comfortable look that celebrities often do is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to mimic their style. A basic eye for fashion can have you receiving kudos from your friends and heads turning in no time.

Although corduroy has been worn in the past mainly in the fall or winter months, corduroy shorts make for very fun stylish outfits in the summertime also.

Skinny corduroy shorts or regular fitting corduroy can be seen on many runways today, draping the bodies of many aspiring artists, hippies, guys with celebrated styles, or guys who simply want to be a bit different with a taste of edge. This material has gone from boring basic to a celebrity fave that many of us are starting to dig.

As a fashion junkie myself, I don’t always buy into fads or styles that celebrities deem fierce. Edgy and stylish can be created by anyone who has an eye for fashion.

Corduroy might not be your style, but it might be the swag for the person next door.

With a vivid imagination, some brainstorming, and a brush up, your vision can come to life right before your eyes.

When it comes to corduroy like any other style, it’s not for everyone. But I ask; is it giving you something you can feel?

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