Men should be bold with their wardrobe for spring and summer 2015, just not as bold as Kanye West (right) at fashion week in Paris (Photo Credit: Rex Features via AP Images).


Be Bold, But Stay Manly for Spring/Summer 2015


Many Regal readers probably cannot wait for spring and summer so they can escape the blizzards blanketing the East Coast.

But at Regal Media Group headquarters where it is currently over 60 degrees, staff members cannot wait until the spring and summer so we can showcase our new flashy and fly wardrobes.

In our John Witherspoon voice from “Next Friday,” what’s the matter, jealous?

No worries because even though we will look fly during the warmer months, we will be jealous of our East Coast readers when it is over 100 degrees in that H-Town. previews the summer and spring trends for 2015.  But remember to always take fashion rules with a grain of salt.  Combine the new trends with your own personality and style to come up with your signature look for spring/summer 2015.

According to, stripes are a necessity for spring/summer 2015.

So whether it’s striped trousers, shirts, jumpers or accessories, men must have stripes in their wardrobe this season and the bigger the stripes the better.

Furthermore, striped pants will be huge this spring and summer, with the thicker block stripes being the most popular.

For the outdoor parties, combining striped chino shorts with loafers and a t-shirt will give men the perfect look for a casual setting.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of rules to remember when wearing stripes.  Horizontal stripes make one look wider while vertical stripes makes one look leaner.

Therefore, stockier men should avoid the wider stripes, while lankier men should avoid the vertical stripes.

Additionally, denim is still in as usual.

However, do not pinch pennies when it comes to purchasing a pair of jeans.  Spend your money on a good quality pair.

Also, try pairing your jeans with leather boots and a denim trucker jacket if you live in an area that does not become too hot during the spring season.

When it comes to color there are two sets of color patterns that are a must have for spring and summer 2015.  Red is a must have as well as the combination of blue and green.

Red has usually been a hard color to pull off but men should be bold this season. 

Try a pair of blood red trousers or a crimson polo shirt.

Blue and green together has usually been dissuaded in the past, but urges you to add it to your wardrobe whether it’s a blue blazer with green shirt or vice versa.

However, the key to pulling off the blue and green combo is to limit the number of other colors you add to the mix.

When it comes to patterns, the floral pattern is a necessity for the upcoming season. Men should choose their flower motif based on their own style and personality.

But remember to wear neutral colors with your floral shirt, because you want the shirt to be the focal point of your ensemble.

Ultimately, accessories can make or break an outfit.

As in recent memory, a man’s hat game should be on point whether one’s personal style is a fedora, Kangol or bowler.

Be bold with your sock color and design especially if you are not wearing a tie.

Keep your professional attire as casual as possible.  It is OK to wear a suit and loafers without socks.

Furthermore, it is perfectly OK to wear sandals with a blazer, slacks and V-neck t-shirt.

Double-breasted blazers are still trying to make a comeback.  Good luck with that though!

And it is also OK to top off one’s outfit with a bag such as a briefcase, but make sure it looks manly as well as professional.  FYI, a man’s bag should not look like a woman’s purse. IJS!

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