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Dress Up and Dress Down Simultaneously: Is it Possible?


Let’s be honest, the crew at RegalMag.com loves to look sophisticated and debonair, but that look does not work for every man.

Some brothers like the casual look, but some occasions require them to upgrade to a more professional wardrobe, which includes ties and the whole nine yards.

Unfortunately, there is often not a happy medium for the professional brother and casual brother.  That is until Well-Tied stepped on the scene.

Bow ties and neckties from Well-Tied, created by LiveLife Co., are the perfect ties to bridge the gap for those just getting into neckties and bow ties.

It allows men not comfortable in ties, to make the easy transition to “professional” attire while still keeping that casual look.  

Influenced by street art and street culture, the ties created by Miami natives are the perfect ties for the 25-35-year-old demographic and the perfect tie for younger Regal readers.



  • Each tie is made using a smooth satin weave micro fiber
  • The ties are extremely soft
  • Fabric will accent any jacket or shirt
  • The ties are hand screen printed with eco-friendly water-based ink
  • Colors like pale blue and aqua are perfect for the upcoming spring season.
  • Can be worn with white pants or black pants
  • Ties are reversible
  • Can be worn to dress up or dress down
  • Will look great with an un-tucked button down shirt and jeans
  • Priced at only $39.99

Click here to view all six patterns and various color combinations.

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