The Wahl Ultra Close Cut Pro is perfect for that tight bald fade (Photo Credit: Wahl).


Perfect Clippers for the Perfect Master Barber


In the Black community, barbers pop up on almost every corner throughout the neighborhood.

While a barber might come a dime a dozen, a master barber proves a rare luxury, and a true master barber is nothing without his/her Wahl clippers.

Let’s keep it real, like the great Oprah Winfrey said all races are the same except for their hair.  

African American hair is unique, and we need unique hair care products to help us look fly.  And no clipper is as unique and fly as Wahl clippers.

Wahl recently released its Ultra Close Cut Pro and T-Pro Corded T-Blade Trimmers, which are perfect for all types of fades and the perfect line, respectively.

  • 1) Wahl clippers are some of the most widely used clippers in the game.
  • 2) They have the strongest motor amongst the various brands of clippers.
  • 3) Because of the strong motor, Wahl clippers allow master barbers to cut faster, which allows the professional Black man to get in and out of the barbershop and back to work quicker.
  • 4) Wahl clippers cut all types of hair, but they are especially useful with coarse hair because it cuts through most hair regardless of the grain of hair.
  • 5) The zero overlap blade found in the Ultra Close Cut Pro is great with bald fades.  They allow master barbers to get your hair very close to bald.  They are great for the high and tight haircut.
  • 6) The T-Pro Corded T-Blade Trimmer is great for the perfect line.
  • 7) The trimmer gives a closer shave than most trimmers and it will leave customers with a bump-free shave.  The Ultra Close Cut Pro will also provide a bump-free haircut.
  • 8) The trimmer also has a very strong motor.

So whether, you rock the conservative taper fade, the classic bald fade, the flat top or the Mohawk, Wahl clippers should be on the wall of your barber of choice.  If it is not, then maybe you should cut out of your current barbershop with the quickness, and get a cut from a true master barber with the Wahl clippers to prove their expertise.

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