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Polka Dots and What Me Nots: Check My Footwork

        Just as you figured out how to make solids look good, here comes a new wave of color and trends to make you rethink this whole idea. 

Polka dot, striped, funky, bright, colorful socks are now one of the most fun accessories to buy. 

When a man sits down and his pants hit just the right level, voila the socks with all of its fine stitching and details come to life and give you a bold confidence.

Sure, back in the day actors like Fred “Rerun” Berry wore socks of wild prints and crazy designs that made many raise their eyebrows. Those same designs today are being mocked by the modern fashionable guy in some way, shape, form or fashion.

Admit it or not, Berry’s style is becoming a borrowed trend that makes many go hmmmmm.

So just when do you push the envelope and when is it just too much? Well, I’m glad you asked.

            The raw style of polka dots, striped or design print socks are making noise across the world.

From the board room to the happy hour or weekend hang out with the “fellas,” guys are spending more time picking their funky footwear. 

Bright dots, pastel lines, even the brightest oranges can be seen from a slight glimpse of the eye.

These trendy wave makers have manufacturers going back to the drawing board thinking long and hard about their next color or pattern.

While the colors and designs might seem to be in good taste for you, it might appear to be over the top or outlandish to someone who deems themselves as more conservative or traditional.

For the trendy guy who isn’t scared to push limits or who is wide open to fashion all the way back to James Brown, the brighter the better is all he is thinking. While it is OK to wear colorful socks that compliment your style, or make you stand out, it is also important not to overdo it.

If you are going into an important meeting or an interview, leave the colorful socks in the drawer for another time. 

Instead, try the more traditional look of dark navy or black. The plain old church socks (as I chuckle and call them), can always be on standby in the event a person can’t decide on what socks to wear. 

Although church is becoming more contemporary, many guys who haven’t hit their fashion forward clock still keep it simple; no mixing and matching the prints. Be sure to choose simple prints when going to business meetings or church.

            So how do you wear colorful socks?  Wear them with confidence.

So what Tom from the office doesn’t like your colorful socks, but what does he know? He has been wearing the same pair of socks ever since you began working with him.

With the right suit, colorful socks will steal the show every time.  A simple gray, blue, or black suit will bring out the fiercest socks.  Brighter suits such as salmon pinks, pastel yellows, or baby blues, also go well with cool socks.

However you choose to wear your printed socks, be sure to make a bold statement!

            Trendsetters always push the envelope. There is never a questionable moment and turning heads is a given.

With your new cool polka dot or design footwork, are you a leader of a new cool? Put your best foot forward and make it happen!

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