Rocking pocket squares with blazers are required for men, just ask Kanye West (right) (Photo courtesy of

Pocket Squares: The Added Element

Pocket squares, handkerchiefs, pocket silk, or whatever fancy phrase a fashion forward junkie deems necessary is the one key element that makes a suit classic.

Sure, a bold pastel shirt, a defined tie, or definite cufflinks are always the way to go, but pocket squares are not only fun but they seal the deal on a suit and gives life to any boring suit.

For the fashionable guy, he wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house without one.  Colors like blue, red, or black are some of the most basic safe colors when choosing squares. One of the classiest colors however is white. Being both traditional and classic, who can go wrong with white?

            Suit shopping sometimes can become simply overwhelming for guys because there are so many options to choose from. Sure, you think your ideal look is gray, while your mother thinks black makes you look thin. However, your girlfriend prefers dark blue as it brings out the color of your eyes. In the meantime, you would take a brown suit stuffed in a bag with a 1970s look and an Al Bundy tie if you could bypass every accessory included with a suit. 

So, just why are pocket squares necessary when wearing a suit or even just a simple blazer? Simple; it signifies a well-dressed man.

For the business ensemble, a simple white pocket square is all you need to complete the look. It is also the least expensive way for a man to elevate his level of fashion and class without having to spend a fortune. 

A white square that is placed in the pocket of a dark suit offers elegance and it lets onlookers know that you’re not only confident, but you’re also knowledgeable in your dressing.

            If you choose to go with colored or patterned pocket squares, there is a rule of thumb to follow.  If the square is colorful it must compliment the tie, though it shouldn’t directly match the color or the pattern of the tie.  It’s OK to be bold, being that squares offer the look of fashion and confidence.

            When folding, there are numerous ways to fold silks to make them not only look good, but also professional and presentable.

Never put a silk handkerchief in your back pocket and reach for it. It’s one of the worst looks ever. 

Folding consists of one, two, three, four, and flat pocket square folds. Each look holds its own unique style effortlessly. 

If you want to go for a more seasoned or fancy look, veterans might try the puff pocket, four mountains pocket square fold, or even the winged puff pocket square fold. Each style is different.

            Not only do pocket squares demonstrate your self confidence, it also shows off your personal style.

Don’t be confused about when you should wear one. Whenever you put on a suit jacket or blazer, a square should be worn.

During a formal setting, with or without a tie or even if you’re rocking a sports blazer with a pair of chinos or jeans, you need one.

            In displaying your style, this simple accessory demonstrates self confidence and your fashion astuteness. What more can I say? Don’t be caught dead without yours!

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