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LeBron's Testimony Should Be Motivation to those who Dream

by Todd A. Smith

Without Struggle, There is No Progress

          Abolitionist Frederick Douglass once said, ďIf there is no struggle, there is no progress.Ē

            While Douglassí struggle for the abolishment of slavery was definitely more consequential, his statement can apply to all hopes and dreams, even in 2013.

            Basketball star LeBron James has been in the media spotlight since high school. 

Given the monikers ďKing JamesĒ and the ďChosen OneĒ as a teenager meant individual success would not be enough to satisfy his ambition or silence the detractors. 

In fact, winning one championship, especially as a member of the Miami Heatís Big Three, would not even be enough to meet expectations.

            Jamesí struggles to reach, and stay at the mountaintop, should be a testimony to all who dream.  Your trip to the top will not be easy, or without haters, but if you keep moving you will definitely get Godís blessings for your life.

            ďIím LeBron James, from Akron, Ohio, from the inner city.  Iím not even supposed to be here,Ē he said.  ďThatís enough.  Every night I walk into the locker room, I see a No. 6 with James on the back, Iím blessed.  So what everybody says about me off the court, donít matter.  I ainít got no worries.Ē

            And if you have God, no one should worry about their dreams coming to fruition if they are in line with Godís will. 

In fact, God has a way of showing up right when you are about to give up on your dreams to let you know that your dreams can only come true through his blessings.

            James and the Heat should have been eliminated in game six.

Their fans had given up on them as evident in them leaving the arena early. 

The NBA had given up on them, as evident by the security guards and rope around American Airlines Arena, and the wheeling out of the NBA championship trophy for the San Antonio Spurs.

            However, the Heat didnít give up until the final buzzer sounded and they miraculously pulled out a win in game six and clinched their second championship in a row with a win in game seven last night.

            Testimonies are obviously not limited to sports

            Media mogul Tyler Perry was homeless and living in his car before his stage plays became worldwide hits.

            Comedian Steve Harvey worked on the assembly line for Ford Motor Company before his career took off.  He didnít even have a car registered in his name until he was in his thirties, which gives you perspective on how bleak his financial circumstances were before he found superstardom.

            Rapper Eminem had virtually given up on his music career before he made one last trip to Hollywood to seek a recording contract.  He told his band mates in D12 that if things did not work out on that trip he was giving up on his rap dreams.

            However, that trip to California led to him signing a contract with Dr. Dreís Aftermath Entertainment, and the rest is as they say, history.

            No oneís road to success is a smooth trip and no one fulfills a dream without a few nightmares along the way.

            But, if you keep walking towards your dreams and keep believing, your blessing is probably closer than you can even imagine.

This article was published on Friday 21 June, 2013.
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