King Donald I: The End of Democracy?

Social media can ruin your day or make your day.

After the death of George Floyd, the love shown to the African-American community and our plight was beautiful to see.

But when I see some of the excuses that people have to support President Donald Trump’s dictatorial rhetoric, it makes me fear for the future of the republic.

For some reason, people think that President Trump has made American great again.

That is far from the truth, though.

America has always been great because of the freedom that a democracy allows.

People emigrate from countries all over the globe to enjoy those freedoms like freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

But if one is intelligent and looks at dictatorships, they can plainly see that Trump wants to take the country in the opposite direction of what our founding fathers wanted when they revolted against the crown in the 1770s.

One of the things that dictators often do is suppress the media.

Instead of having a free media that will hold leaders accountable, many favor state-run media in which they can manipulate the narrative to punish dissenters and maintain control.

From the beginning of his presidency, and even before, Trump has sought to diminish the importance of the press with his fake news movement.

Trump falsely believes that if the media says something negative about him then it is false.

And for some inexplicable reason, his cult followers believe that nonsense.

Trump also falsely believes that if the media says something nice about him and his administration, then that is the real news.

That is why Trump sometimes praises Fox News and always praises One America News Network (OAN).

Those networks are often just propaganda platforms for the POTUS.

One only has to read Mary L. Trump’s tell-all memoir about her uncle “Too Much and Never Enough” to understand why Trump thinks negative news stories about him are fake, regardless of how indisputably true they really are.

Mary L. Trump’s grandfather, and the president’s father, Fred Trump built his real estate empire with money from his mother, millions of dollars in FHA grants after World War II created a lack of housing and from really being a slumlord.

Her description of how her grandfather got his millions should never be described as self-made.

Fred Trump was government and parentally made.

As a result, so were his children.

But despite Fred Trump’s success in real estate, he was always considered an outsider in the elite Manhattan, N.Y. social circles.

First of all, the Trump family lived in the more working-class Queens, N.Y.

And secondly, Fred Trump never had the on-screen charisma and out-going personality of his second son.

Therefore, the future president became the face of the family’s real estate business.

Fred Trump and his son concocted stories of how Donald Trump only got a small loan from his father to start his real estate ventures and that he was essentially self-made.

However, Mary L. Trump wrote in her memoir that her uncle never accomplished anything on his own financially and that he simply received a substantial monthly allowance from his father’s company throughout the years preceding Fred Trump’s death.

But for some reason, the New York media ran with the Trump family’s fake news of how brilliant and successful Donald was.

The star quality that Donald had allowed him to get bank loans to build projects, which he often defaulted on.

He allegedly had connections with the mafia as the mob had their hands in many New York real estate projects.

Nevertheless, the New York media never did enough digging to call Donald Trump out on his charade.

Trump failed in the New Jersey casino business because of a lack of knowledge and the fact that he owned competing New Jersey casinos, making it very difficult for him to turn a profit.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s mother Mary MacLeod Trump was basically an absentee mother because of health reasons.

Furthermore, Fred Trump had no interest in raising his kids.

That left Donald and the Trump kids to raise themselves and they never had to be held accountable for their misconduct.

So when the media started holding him accountable, he called it fake news and labeled it the enemy of the people.

Actually, the media is not even the enemy of Trump.

Real journalists are the enemy of wrong and purveyor of what is right and factual whether or not it paints Trump in a positive or negative light.

While some might not see Trump’s bashing of the media as a big deal, the media is actually the “fourth branch” of government because real journalists hold the three branches of government accountable and prevent dictatorships, along with checks and balance.

Also, he wants people to be loyal to him and not the United States of America and her people.

Trump actually asked former FBI Director James Comey to pledge his loyalty to him.

If he had any knowledge of history, he would have known that former FBI directors like J. Edgar Hoover often clashed with presidents and their cabinets like in the case of former President John F. Kennedy and his brother, former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

FBI directors do not work for the president.

Additionally, the former reality television star has hinted at not leaving the White House even if he loses to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump has even talked about running for a third presidential term even though the Constitution does not allow it.

He said that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) would not become the first woman president.

Instead it would be his daughter Ivanka Trump as if America will suddenly become a monarchy to satisfy his weakness, low self-esteem and insecurities.

The fact that people have bought into that type of nonsense and downplayed his weaknesses and the threat it poses to what makes America truly great is truly unacceptable.

And if Americans are not careful, the current president might be the reason we stop being great.

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