Doubling Down on Double Standard

Ladies, I feel ya.

Black women, I especially feel ya.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) won her debate against Vice President Mike Pence on Oct. 7.

But because many men from the Republican Party cannot handle getting beat down by a woman of color, some have resorted to racist and sexist tropes to describe what happened Wednesday night in Salt Lake City.

Fox News contributor Harlan Z. Hill tweeted that, “Kamala Harris comes off as such an insufferable b****.”

First of all, any man that calls a woman out of her name is less than a man, anyway.

But it’s funny that when a woman of color eviscerates a White man, showcasing her intellect and power, some White people have a problem.

I guess they have a problem with a Negro/Native American woman not knowing where her place is.

The funny thing about that is her place will soon be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our nation’s capital.

Many Republicans talked about how calm Vice President Pence was at the debate.

And to Pence’s credit he was calm and stately, almost boring.

He just did not obey the rules of the debate.

He did not always answer the question.

Honestly, Harris avoided many questions too.

And Pence tried talking over Sen. Harris, which is a no-no when arguing with any sister.

Pollster Frank Lutz told Fox News, “The complaint about Kamala Harris was that she was too abrasive and condescending. The complaint about Mike Pence was that he was too tired but [he was] vice presidential or presidential…If this is a battle over style and substance—which often is the case with undecided voters because they simply do not choose on policy, they also choose on persona—this was Mike Pence’s night…It’s not that Pence did so well, it’s that they [voters] felt both candidates were not answering the questions as well as they would have liked.” 

It’s hilarious that the 15 people who participated in Fox News’ undecided panel praised Pence for being presidential when President Donald Trump has never even known what the word actually means.

Many of President Trump’s supporters often praise his ignorance.

He has told his supporters to assault his critics at rallies.

Trump has retweeted supporters who have said that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.

The former reality television star has retweeted his supporters shouting, “White power.”

He has ordered peaceful protestors to be pepper sprayed in Washington, D.C. so that he can have a photo-op holding a Bible outside of a church he probably has never attended.

Trump has called our soldiers, suckers and losers.

And some undecided voters have the nerve to say Harris was abrasive and condescending.

If Trump was not in office and not acting like a toddler having a temper tantrum at the first presidential debate and refusing to participate in the second debate because it will be virtual, Harris’ critics would have a legitimate argument.

But why do so many diehard Republicans have a double standard when it comes to decorum and behavior for a leader?

Why is it OK for Trump to act like a complete fool at every opportunity?

When Trump behaves like a toddler, which is an everyday occurrence, many on the right see it as strength.

When Trump shows how classless he is, which is also daily, people on the right applaud him for not putting up with the so-called mess that comes from his more liberal colleagues and the so-called liberal and fake news.

Trump is seen as a strong leader when he acts like a complete donkey.

However, many criticize anyone else who will not tolerate the lies from the Trump administration.

People with common sense and logic just want the same rules for all of our leaders.

There should not be a set of rules for Trump and his cult followers, and then a separate set of rules for our future president and future vice president.

Trump acted like a complete fool in his first debate with former Vice President Joe Biden.

He disrespectfully talked over Vice President Biden throughout the “sh** show” of a debate as CNN reporter Dana Bash called it.

Trump disrespectfully talked over moderator and Fox News reporter, Chris Wallace.

The current commander-in-chief ridiculed Biden for wearing masks as if saving lives is something to ridicule.

Then Trump came down with coronavirus and put Secret Service agents in danger by riding in a vehicle with him as he took a little league like neighborhood parade to wave to supporters, many not wearing masks.

If Republican voters respect strength in a leader, call it both ways.

Admiring strength from an old and tyrannical White man and then criticizing those same attributes in a woman of color is simply racist and sexist.

Unfortunately, those racist and sexist tropes about angry African-American women are nothing new.

For the record, passionate and strong African-American men get labeled as angry too when they speak out forcefully for what they believe in.

But if African-Americans are angry about the systemic racism, discrimination and police brutality that we endure everyday, why is it not called anger when those same attributes are found in our privileged White counterparts?

Kyle Rittenhouse, the White teenage thug who committed murder in Kenosha, Wis. after the police shooting of Jacob Blake got the label as a patriot.

But when Black Lives Matter activists resort to rioting as the language of the unheard, they are called everything but a child of God.

Black Lives Matter activists are terrorists.

However, groups like Proud Boys are patriots.


Strength is good when it is colored white and appears male.

If strength comes in any other form or color, it is anger.


But I feel ya.


Racists and sexists just do not know who to handle the new United States of America.


However, they have no choice but to get used to it.

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