Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton do not try to make Hervis Rogers a poster child for your fake claims about voter fraud.

Paxton did not find success at the Supreme Court when he tried to 0verturn President Joe Biden’s win over former President Donald Trump.

Additionally, the Cyber Ninjas have not released any Earth-shattering evidence of mass voter fraud in Arizona.

Nevertheless, many Republicans still preach the ungodly sermon of non-existent voter fraud.

The truth of the matter is Republicans want to limit the amount of people voting because many cannot win elections on the issues.

Another truth is that many minorities lean to the left when voting, so limiting the amount of minorities voting will increase the likelihood of Republicans garnering most voters at the ballot box.

As a result of not finding mass voter fraud, Paxton has chosen to target Hervis Rogers who gained 15 minutes of fame when he waited hours to cast his vote at Texas Southern University in Houston on Nov. 3, 2020.

His alleged crime is voting months before he regained his voting rights due to a previous incarceration.

The Houston Chronicle reported, “Texans, we finally got our money’s worth out of Attorney General Ken Paxton’s beefed-up voter fraud unit that spent more than 22,000 hours sniffing out cases and, as of March, had prosecuted just 16.

“Just when Republicans had started to hedge a bit on their claims of widespread fraud, and stress that even one case was worth a slew of new voting restrictions, the heavens opened and delivered exactly one case. Miracle, thy name is Hervis Rogers.

“His crime? The 62-year-old Black man from Houston voted in the March 2020 Democratic primary just a few months shy of completing felony parole and getting his voting rights restored.

“The horror.

“The true horror is how desperately the apostles of the Big Lie are trying to keep the voter fraud myth alive despite any evidence that it’s a real problem in our society in need of legislative remedy.”

The fact of the matter is Texas has some of the most confusing laws when it comes to convicted felons regaining their voting rights.

In 2020, rapper Willie D of the Geto Boys dropped out of a Houston City Council race because he did not know if he completely remedied his past conviction.

The wording of the law was so confusing that Willie D dropped out of the race rather than perjure himself and face a criminal charge.

He felt like it was better to be safe than sorry.

Running for office could have been a mistake that cost Willie D.

Unfortunately, Hervis Rogers made the mistake of voting in the primary instead of waiting until the general election to cast his vote.

When he voted in November 2020, his voting rights had been restored.

However, voting in March is the error that might put him back in jail for the rest of his life.

Hervis Rogers made a mistake, unfortunately.

If he knew he had broken the law, would he have appeared on CNN to celebrate the fact that he casted a vote after waiting hours in line at Texas Southern?

I seriously doubt it.

I would hope that most criminals do not go on live national television and incriminate themselves.

But what is happening in Texas and across the country as it pertains to so-called voter reform is nothing new.

Many in White America have long sought to limit political power within the Black community by restricting the vote or restricting who can run for office.

Since the emancipation of Black slaves, many political leaders in the South have sought ways to take power away from Black people.

Laws like the Black codes were enacted so that Black people could face incarceration for the most ridiculous things.

If a Black person was without a job from the White man, they could be placed in prison, which was just an attempt to take all rights away from recently freed Black people.

The 13th Amendment says that a person can face legal enslavement if sent to prison.

Because of the 13th Amendment, many Black people were sold as slaves to major American corporations long after the end of slavery on June 19, 1865.

Furthermore, if that Black person ever made it out of prison, or re-enslavement, they would have to jump through hoops to get their voting rights back.

Therefore, incarcerating Black men and women on bogus charges could effectively strip their voting rights and their freedom.

The fear that must have existed in the Black community after June 19, 1865, had to be horrible knowing that their newly received freedom could be snatched at any time if a White man so desired.

Something similar is happening with Hervis Rogers.

Because he exercised his rights and his political power, people like Paxton want to make an example out of him so that people in a similar situation will be hesitant to vote in 2022, 2024 and beyond.

But Paxton must realize that African-Americans have experienced it all when it comes to disenfranchisement, and his efforts will not work.

African-Americans have already gone to jail for trying to vote.

African-Americans have already lost their lives to exercise their right to vote.

African-Americans have nothing else to lose.

And when people feel they have nothing to lose, no fear tactic will work.

And although Hervis Rogers made a mistake by voting too early, Paxton is making the real mistake alienating an entire race of Texas voters.

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