Prince performing on stage during his 1980s heyday (Photo Credit: AP Photo).


Black Paisley

It is funny how someone can be on your mind that you don’t even know personally.

My sister and I talked about Prince’s musical catalogue on April 20.

For some reason, on the morning of April 21, I listened to Prince songs from the “Girl 6 Soundtrack,” including my favorite Prince song of all time, “Adore,” on the way to the gym.

Later on during the morning of April 21, Prince Rogers Nelson was pronounced dead at the age of 57 at his Paisley Park estate.

When a musician dies, news outlets like this one usually rank their best songs or their best albums.

Prince, whose music career began in 1978, has too vast a catalogue for to insult him with a top 10 list or even a top 20 list.

Therefore, has decided to honor Prince by picking our favorite song from each one of his studio albums.

We in no way think that our subjective opinion will do his genius justice.

However, it would be an injustice to his legacy if he were not honored in some way in our publication.

Paisley Park is now black, and in mourning, instead of purple.  But the Purple One’s music will live for eternity.

*Album titles are capitalized. Song titles are in quotation marks.

FOR YOU (1978)—“Soft and Wet”

PRINCE (1979)—“I Wanna Be Your Lover”

DIRTY MIND (1980)—“Uptown”

CONTROVERSY (1981)—“Do Me, Baby”

1999 (1982)—“Little Red Corvette”


AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY (1985)—“Raspberry Beret”


SIGN O’ THE TIMES (1987)—“Adore”

LOVESEXY (1988)—“Alphabet St.”

BATMAN SOUNDTRACK (1989)—“Scandalous!”

GRAFFITI BRIDGE SOUNDTRACK (1990)—“Thieves in the Temple”

DIAMONDS AND PEARLS (1991)—“Diamonds and Pearls”

LOVE SYMBOL ALBUM (1992)—“Sexy M.F.”

COME (1994)—“Letitgo”

THE BLACK ALBUM (1994)—“When 2 R in Love”

THE GOLD EXPERIENCE (1995)—“The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”

CHAOS AND DISORDER (1996)—“Dinner with Delores”

EMANCIPATION (1996)—“Betcha By Golly Wow” (The Stylistics cover)

CRYSTAL BALL (1998)—“Calhoun Square”

THE TRUTH (1998)—“The Truth”


RAVE UN2 THE JOY FANTASTIC (1999)—“The Greatest Romance Ever Sold”

THE RAINBOW CHILDREN (2001)—“The Work pt. 1”

ONE NITE ALONE… (2002)—“A Case of U”

XPECTATION (2003)—“Xpectation”

N.E.W.S. (2003)—“North”

MUSICOLOGY (2004)—“Call My Name”

THE CHOCOLATE INVASION (2004)—“U Make My Sun Shine”

THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE (2o04)—“2045: Radical Man”

3121 (2006)—“Black Sweat”

PLANET EARTH (2007)—“Guitar”

LOTUSFLOW3R (2009)—“Crimson and Clover”

MPLSOUND (2009)—“Chocolate Box”

20TEN (2010)—“Laydown”


ART OFFICIAL AGE (2014)—“This Could Be Us”

HITNRUN: PHASE ONE (2015)—“1000 X’s & O’s”

HITNRUN: PHASE TWO (2015)—“Baltimore”

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