Classic R&B artists will have new albums on the shelves this year.



Don’t Call it a Comeback

Who said real R&B died in the 1990s?

Sure, hip-hop remains the most successful music genre, but love songs and classic soul singers never went away.

This generation has living legends like Ne-Yo, Maxwell, Miguel and The Weeknd, but there’s something about the golden age of R&B from the 1970s and 1980s that remains special.

The 1960s had Motown, the 1990s had hip-hop soul and the 2000s had neo soul, but the 1970s and 1980s had classic R&B bands.

Some of those iconic bands, and solo artists, have chosen 2018 for their triumphant comeback, and has all of the details for their upcoming projects.

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Peabo Bryson “Stand for Love”—Legendary crooner Peabo Bryson returns Aug. 3 with his 21st studio album, “Stand for Love” on Perspective Records. Bryson’s current single, “Love Like Yours Mine” has reached number 12 on the Billboard R&B charts as of May 11. His single, “All She Wants to Do is Me” has appeared on the critically-acclaimed television show, “The Chi.” Expect a lot of production by the legendary duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis who run Perspective. Jam and Lewis said expect the class and sophistication that Bryson is known for.

Jeffrey Osborne “Worth it All”—Mr. Woo Woo Woo himself is back with the album “Worth it All,” dropping on May 25. “Worth it All” represents Osborne’s first album of original tracks in 10 years. Osborne calls the style of the album old school R&B. Fans can expect the romantic style that made Osborne and his band, L.T.D. famous. On the album, Osborne reflects on his 35 years of marriage to find inspiration for the material.

Tower of Power “On the Soul Side of Town”—Tower of Power celebrates its 50th anniversary with the June 1 release of their latest album, “On the Soul Side of Town.” The Oakland, Calif. based brassy band will also record a documentary featuring footage from concerts at the city’s Fox Theatre from June 1-2. The legendary band still features four original members. Several original members who lead the “Saturday Night Live” house band will also accompany the current lineup at the June concerts. The group has worked on the album since 2012, choosing 14 songs out of the 28 songs they recorded.

Freddie Jackson “Love Signals”—In the 1980s, Freddie Jackson established himself as one of the leading soul balladeers of the decade. Well, on June 28, Jackson returns with his next album, “Love Signals” on Climax Entertainment. Jackson said the title of the album tells the story as he hopes his music will bring more love to a world in need of it. And like in his early 1980s heyday, Jackson makes music just because he loves to make music. Jackson has collaborations with artists like Jutaun on “Find My Way” and has songs with social commentary like “Save the Child.” Critics describe the song “All I Wanna Do” as the anniversary anthem. Also, expect orchestra sounds on this new album.

Chic “It’s About Time”—Fewer bands have the influence of Chic, a group that ruled the late 1970s. Their music influenced the creation of the first hit rap songs, and member Nile Rogers went on to become one of the best songwriters and producers of all time, responsible for hits by icons like Madonna. Finally, Chic returns with a new album and because of their legendary status, they have some new legends sharing the spotlight with them. Expect collaborations with current superstars like Bruno Mars, Jorja Smith and Anderson .Paak. Old heads don’t worry because Chic has some old school flavor on the new album too with collaborations with Debbie Harry of Blondie. To make the album more legendary, recordings took place at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Otis Redding “Dock of the Bay Sessions”—No, Otis Redding did not get his start in the 1970s. But his legendary work in the 1960s, before his tragic death in an airplane crash, still influences musicians today. Redding fans should know that the album came out today (May 18). “Dock of the Bay Sessions” represents Redding’s last recordings before his death. Fifty years ago, “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” reached number one on the pop and R&B charts. The recordings during that time period got cut short because of Redding’s tragic demise. But the “Dock of the Bay Sessions,” which consists of songs that have appeared on previous compilations, represents what could have been for the singer.

The Gap Band, Lakeside, Con Funk Shun, Cameo and Dazz Band “Fresh Takes”—During the 1970s and 1980s, R&B bands like Cameo, Con Funk Shun, Dazz Band, Lakeside and The Gap Band delivered some of the best live performances on the planet. Now Entertainment One (E1) will release live albums, each called “Fresh Takes,” by all of the aforementioned artists. On May 25, E1 will release “Fresh Takes” albums by Con Funk Shun, Cameo and Dazz Band. And on June 15, the record label will release “Fresh Takes” by The Gap Band and Lakeside. Expect all of the classic songs from these classic bands.

The Jacksons “TBA”—Since 2012, The Jacksons, consisting of the four oldest Jackson brothers (Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon Jackson) have toured the world almost non-stop singing all of their classics. Along the way the group formerly known as The Jackson 5 produced a reality show (“The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty”) and published a coffee table book entitled “The Jacksons: Legacy.” While starring on the reality show, The Jacksons worked on music with legendary producers like Greg Curtis and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The brothers stated on social media that fans could expect to hear some of their new tunes in 2018 as they also continue to tour the globe.

Prince “TBA”—Prince’s shocking death in 2016 had the entire music world in mourning. Questions immediately begin to swirl about what would happen to the thousands of songs, videos and movies in his famed vault. While the Prince Estate released outtakes from “Purple Rain” in 2017, and singles “Moonbeam Levels” in 2016 and the studio version of “Nothing Compares 2 U” this year, in September the Estate will release the first posthumous Prince album containing completely new material. The upcoming album will represent a period of time during Prince’s career and not simply a compilation of songs from various points in his career with Warner Bros. Records, which began in 1978 with the release of his first album, “For You.”


*TBA—album title to be announced at a later date

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