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Can’t Always Run Far Enough 


The golden rule for men on the dating scene often is if you discover that your lady is crazy, run far, far away.

The problem is if you find out about her crazy behind after marriage, and definitely after having children, you can never run far enough.

Unfortunately, crazy often knows no distance, boundary, barrier or new marriage and “Unforgettable” proves that once you’ve been with a crazy broad, you cannot just easily forget her, because her wacko behind will make sure she is never too far from sight.

In the film “Unforgettable,” Julia (Rosario Dawson) is taking a leap of faith as it pertains to her love life.

She has an extremely comfortable and successful life in San Francisco as an online editor, but the man of her dreams lives in small town Southern California.

Although change is excruciatingly difficult at times, she packs up her bags and hits the highway for a new start in life.

Losing her luggage, which includes her going away present from a friend and co-worker (Whitney Cummings), foreshadows her new move.

Although everything looks good around her, what can go wrong definitely will go wrong.

Moving in with a mate, preparing for marriage and leaving a great job behind are daunting tasks for anyone.

However, when you couple all of the aforementioned realities with the fact that Julia’s fiancée David (George Stults) has a daughter, Lily (Isabella Kai Rice) and an unimpressed ex-wife, Tessa (Katherine Heigl), making things work will take Herculean strength and the patience of Job.

Despite the fact that David has moved on, Tessa is determined to rekindle the flame and reunite her family and she will go to any lengths to piece her family back together.

The only problem is that David and Tessa have been apart for two years, he felt forced into marriage because of Lily and Tessa had an affair behind his back.

Unfortunately, none of that matters to the sick and deranged, and Tessa will go to drastic measures to make Julia’s life a living hell.

“Unforgettable” lives by the cliché, if I cannot have my ex, no one can.

While the plot of “Unforgettable” is nothing out of the ordinary, the level of crazy at which Heigl presents her character Tessa makes the film shine brightly.

The way in which Tessa uses psychosis, creativity and technology to put Julia in danger and her future in jeopardy is cringe-worthy.

Tessa’s methods and madness are quite terrifying quite frankly.

Her blank stare is intimidating and her anal disposition is understandable when her mother is introduced into the storyline.

Ignore all negative reviews and the poor box of results.  “Unforgettable” is remarkable and definitely worth the price of admission.

Unfortunately, “Unforgettable” does fall into the cliché category and some parts of the outcome are predictable.

Regardless, “Unforgettable” will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, captivated by the suspense, craziness and fear.


But the most captivating aspect is definitely Heigl’s unforgettable portrayal of the psychotic Tessa.






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