Wade (Ryan Reynolds) and his future baby mama Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) get up close and personal (Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation).



New Sheriff in Town 



Move over “Ant-Man,” there is a new sheriff in town.

Ant-Man” previously held the distinction of being the funniest comic book/superhero movie of all time.

However, records are meant to be broken, and “Deadpool” now holds the honor of funniest comic book movie ever.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an ex-Special Forces officer with tens of kills on his resume.

After his time in the military is completed he works as a mercenary, a bad guy wreaking havoc on the lives of people who are even worse than him.

Despite his thuggish ways, Wade has a soft side to his hard demeanor.

He meets the love of his life Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and an instant connection is developed.

They share the same interests and “his crazy” matches “her crazy.”

Their sense of humors is a perfect match for each other.

After Wade finally pops the big question, his life seems set in stone.

However, a severe medical diagnosis puts his future in jeopardy and his love life on hold.

With nothing else to lose, Wade agrees to take part in experimental treatment.

The treatment is supposed to make Wade an immortal superhero, but when the experiment goes awry, he vows to find the people that ruined his life and reclaim his promising future.

From the opening credits, “Deadpool” is extremely hilarious to the closing credits with “Careless Whisper” by Wham! playing in the background.

Reynolds is perfect as the sarcastic Wade.

“Deadpool” is the typical Marvel comic book movie.

The good action scenes are expected, although none of the action scenes are extremely unique from its predecessors.

Unlike other comic book movies, it is the extremely well written dialogue by screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick that separates this picture from other comic book adaptations.

When Wade shows his buddy Weasel  (T.J. Miller) his deformed face for the first time, Weasel tells Wade sarcastically that he is going to die alone.

After Vanessa sees Wade’s face, she says that after getting used to his new face and a lot of alcohol, she could accept the new him.

Even ole Kizzy from “Roots” (Leslie Uggams) makes an appearance in the movie as Blind Al, the blind cocaine snorting senior citizen roommate of Wade.

“Deadpool” might suffer a bit from its “R” rating.

This might be the first comic book hero movie that parents should think twice about taking their children to see with the nudity, drug references and profanity.

Furthermore, the film is told in a somewhat disjointed/flashback way like the film “Get on Up.”

This film might have been better told chronologically.

Nevertheless, Reynolds pulls off the tall task of being an anti-superhero, once again proving that blockbuster films are not too big for him.

“Deadpool” is evidence that the “X-Men” house might be getting one more tenant.


And he just might be the new sheriff in town.






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