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New Realties Breed New Superheroes 




Superheroes are people’s friends.

When justice is lacking, meta-humans like Superman and Batman have routinely saved the day.

However, the 21st century is a different time.

Terrorist attacks are constant, and foes come easily disguised as friends in this new era.

Never has that reality been so apparent as it is in “Suicide Squad,” the latest superhero movie from the DC Comics arsenal.

The American government has been somewhat successful limiting terrorist attacks by humans.

But what if the world’s meta-human heroes turn rogue and choose to attack Americans instead of protecting Americans.

In “Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is prepared for that possibility.

Amanda devises a scheme to hire the worst prisoners America has to offer to fight the meta-human misfits.

The worst prisoners are housed in the swamps of Louisiana, but all possess a supernatural power.

Deadshot (Will Smith) never misses his target with any type of gun.

Diablo’s (Jay Hernandez) skill with fire would put Satan to shame.

And Boomerang’s (Jai Courtney) name speaks for itself.

Along with other prisoners like Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and more, they all agree to fight for Amanda who promises something in exchange for their service to their country.

However, when Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) blunders an assignment with Enchantress, the possibility of a meta-human attack on America becomes a reality in Midway City.

Along with her brother, Enchantress creates an army of dedicated soldiers to take over the planet.

Unfortunately or fortunately, all Amanda has is her suicide squad to try to stop that possibility from becoming a reality.

Period, point blank, “Suicide Squad” is a dope movie regardless of what many critics say.

That should be expected with Oscar nominated and Oscar winning actors like Davis, Smith and Jared Leto (The Joker).

Combine acting greatness with, visual greatness and action greatness and the result is “Suicide Squad.”

Smith is excellent.

He is crazy good with his shooting scenes and his comedic timing is on point.

However, Robbie steals the show.

Robbie has always been a pretty good actress who is possibly more known for her pretty face.

However, the role of Harley Quinn seems tailor made for her talents.

She kills her role in “Suicide Squad” from answering the psychotic voices in her head to calling her male counterparts soft (in so many words) for their lack of courage.

While “Suicide Squad” is not Davis best work (see “The Help,” “Get on Up” and ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder”), she is great as usual.

Her leading role in a summer blockbuster like “Suicide Squad” proves her talent knows no limit and her career has not even reached its peak yet.

Nonetheless, “Suicide Squad” does spend too much time introducing each meta-human.

The filmmakers briefly list each meta-human’s superpowers, but that description does not stay on the screen long enough to fully digest the information.

But that criticism is minor when it comes to the brilliance of the film.

Casting Smith and Robbie together is beginning to become magic.

Their chemistry is undeniable in this film and in past films like “Focus.”

Maybe those two give each other superpowers on screen, because they are great without each other, but even greater when paired together.






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