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A Mother’s Blind Love 




Reasons abound on why God blesses some people with certain gifts and not others.

All adults probably will not make good parents because the unconditional love is really somewhat conditional.

If one’s child is demon-possessed, foaming at the mouth constantly and threatening the safety of the rest of the family selling that child on the black market, purposefully leaving them at a department store or dropping them off at the fire station, regardless of their age, should not be frowned upon.

It should be understandable.

In “The Conjuring 2,” Peggy Hodgson (Frances O’Connor) defies all understanding by doing the opposite when her Satan-like daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe) starts wreaking hell on the Hodgson house and the houses of others.

“The Conjuring 2” begins by highlighting the horrific paranormal activities that took place in Amityville, N.Y.

As a result of the attention that the stories of horror in Amityville created, Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) become household names on the television and lecture circuits.

However, their fame does not come without controversy and backlash.

Tired of the backlash, the Warrens want to distance themselves from paranormal activity and retire into a normal existence.

However, in 1977 when Janet becomes haunted by dead beings in her England home, the Warrens and their church want to help the entire Hodgson family.

But in order to offer their assistance, they must obtain proof of paranormal activity in the home.

In order to obtain that proof, they have to move into the Hodgson family home.

To make matters more difficult, Lorraine has been seeing visions of Ed’s death, therefore wanting to stay away from their line of work for as long as possible.

However, Ed knows that God has sent that vision for a purpose, and that purpose might be to save Janet whom he instantly grows close to.

Like many schoolgirls her age, Janet has begun to experiment with associating with the wrong crowd, cigarettes and even homemade Ouija boards.

She wants to desperately reach out to the underworld, but once a connection is made there is no retreating from the occult.

“The Conjuring 2” is more spooky and creepy than it is terrifying.

There are scary scenes no doubt, but chills will come as a result of the weird, not the horrific.

What separates “The Conjuring 2” from other films of the same vein is the great acting.

The believability is there from Jump Street.

Wolfe is equally adorable as she is menacing.

You grieve for her predicament despite the danger she may cause her entire family.

Peggy is also a sympathetic figure.

She has to deal with losing her husband to a lady from around the corner from their family home, not having enough money to feed her children to their satisfaction, typical school behavior problems and a daughter who has been touched by Satan and all of his little helpers.

Unlike in other horror films, Peggy has the good sense of getting the heck out of the haunted house.

She also shows the love that only a mother can have because she goes through every extensive measure to rid her daughter of her demons while trying to maintain her own sanity.

Nevertheless, “The Conjuring 2” does suffer from too slow of a beginning.


But once the ball gets rolling it does not stop.






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