Ryan Reynolds (left) and Leslie Uggams star in “Deadpool 2” (Photo Credit: Joe Lederer/20th Century Fox).



‘Merc with a Mouth’ Returns 



Do not bring your children to “Deadpool 2.”

Even though “Deadpool 2” claims that it is a family film, it is only representative of an extremely dysfunctional family.

If you want a child friendly superhero movie, take your children to see “Avengers: Infinity War.”

But if you want an adult-friendly, R-rated superhero movie, “Deadpool 2” will not disappoint, with hard-edged comedy, pop culture references, superhero references and well-written and profane dialogue. 

After all, fans of Deadpool know him as the “merc with a mouth.”

In “Deadpool 2,” Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is back to his butt kicking, gangster-destroying ways.

Although he has a take no prisoners attitude in the streets, he has a softer side at home.

The movie opens on Wade’s anniversary with his loving and supportive girlfriend.

He has plans to start a family with the love of his life, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin).

But their plans for a future son named Todd or future daughter named Cher are interrupted by the murderous revenge of his adversaries.

Vanessa’s death plunges Wade into depression.

He spends all of his days protecting people from gangsters, but cannot even protect his own woman in the comfort of their own home.

Wade believes suicide is his only option.

At least then he could be with Vanessa for eternity.

However, he soon finds out that he cannot even get suicide right.

Wade blows himself up, but fails to kill himself.

Deadpool is taken to Professor Xavier’s estate to recover from his injuries in hopes that he could become a future member of the X-Men.

However, Wade cannot shake the trauma of losing his girlfriend, Vanessa.

Through visions from beyond, Wade learns from Vanessa that his mission is not complete on Earth.

He also learns that his mission involves a child, which is extra emotional seeing that he not only lost his woman, but possibly his first child too.

At the school for mutants training to become X-Men, Wade runs across a young child named Russell (Julian Dennison).

Russell has become the victim of abuse from the school’s headmaster and has vowed revenge on everyone that has hurt him at the school.

The young boy with supernatural abilities, which earns him the moniker, FireFist, has wreaked havoc around the school and injured many who have tried to stop his vengeance.

But when Wade comes to the rescue and tries to stop the carnage, Deadpool does more harm than good.

Wade’s actions get both Russell and himself thrown in jail.

Although Russell desperately wants to be Wade’s friend, Wade scoffs at that possibility of becoming friends with a child.

When Russell finally does find a friend while in prison, his friendship is strong enough to break them out of prison and get revenge against everyone who abused him at the school.

Realizing why Vanessa gave him a vision of a child, Wade vows to stop Russell from using his mutant powers to get revenge before it is too late.

Wade must also stop the potential nemesis, Cable (Josh Brolin) from capturing Russell before it is too late.

Deadpool attempts to form his own crew called X-Force, which originally includes Bedlam (Terry Crews), Domino (Zazie Beetz), Peter and others, but most die on their first mission.

Their deaths range from getting chopped up by the blades of a helicopter to being decapitated by a garbage truck.

Wade’s crew has some unimpressive superpowers.

Domino’s superpower is that she is lucky.

Peter is just Peter.

And Dopinder (Karan Soni) possesses the “superpower” of courage.

With luck, courage and regular dudes, the X-Force has to save the day and a child before it is too late.

“Deadpool 2” shines brightly because of its leading star, Reynolds.

Reynolds’ Deadpool is the superhero that saves the world, but has a good time doing it.

From making fun of DC Comics and other Marvel Studios movies to playing the race card, Reynolds was born to play Deadpool.

But while “Deadpool” was just raunchy, “Deadpool 2” shows a little more heart and compassion without being corny.

Wade jokingly calls one of his enemies, Jared Kushner.

Even the opening credits of the film contain its share of comedic moments.

Furthermore, Wade is not the only person with the comedic talent in “Deadpool 2.”

The pop culture references, such as when Russell shouts out the Geto Boys’ classic “Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster” will make Houston moviegoers proud.

Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) pointing her gun in the opposite direction and not knowing that Wade is stealing her cocaine is great.

Even when it comes to the action scenes, Reynolds’ co-stars like Beetz give him a run for his money.

Domino might become the next breakout Marvel character.

Unfortunately for younger superhero movie fans, like the first “Deadpool,” the sequel to the vulgar classic contains some extreme violence from beheadings to decapitations.

As expected, the language is not suitable for all youngsters.

And unlike “Avengers: Infinity War,” the latest “Deadpool” installment does include the formulaic Hollywood ending.

Nevertheless, ‘Deadpool 2” is another hit for Marvel Studios and Reynolds himself.

Reynolds even manages to poke fun at himself, the person, in “Deadpool 2.”

That self-awareness, and the fact that Reynolds and the film, do not take things too seriously is what makes this franchise stand out from other Marvel or DC film franchise.

Sure, superheroes save the day, rid the world of crime, and possess superpowers that mere mortals can only dream of.

But that should not stop them from having fun.

Thor has fun.

Iron Man has fun.

And other superheroes do too.

But none have as much R-rated, and self-referential and self-deprecating fun as Deadpool.

And Marvel Studios is smart for giving fans a superhero just for adults.

Children often fall in love with comic books and superheroes because many want to be heroes too and save the world from bad guys.

The thing is children eventually become adults and the love of superheroes and comic books usually remain with them, as they get older.

And sometimes, adults want adult entertainment that gives them the same excitement that movies and comic books did when they were children.

“Deadpool 2” and its predecessor fill that need.








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