Peter (Brandon Scott, left), Ashley (Corbin Reid, center) and James (James Allen McCune, right) in “Blair Witch” (Photo Credit: Chris Helcermanas-Berg).


Creepy Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry 



When a grown man cries in front of a woman, it is obvious that things just got real.

For a man, unless a close loved-one dies, crying in front of a beautiful young lady is a no-no.

So when James (James Allen McCune) cries like a baby in front of Lisa (Callie Hernandez) in “Blair Witch,” the brother must have been extremely terrified.

While “Blair Witch” will probably not make any moviegoers cry, the film will definitely creep them out and make them fear for those being haunted by the mythical witch in the movie.

In “Blair Witch,” the disappearance of James’ sister Heather still haunts him.

Heather was a film student who was filming a documentary in the Black Hills Forest of Maryland when she came up missing.

Although James and his friend Peter (Brandon Scott) were extremely young when Heather went missing, they can remember the fruitless searches in the woods for her.

Despite growing up to become a responsible young man, James never really gets over the loss of his older sister.

Now a film student himself, James and his friend Lisa are fascinated when they learn of a YouTube video that possibly shows Heather still trapped in the woods.

Knowing that a trip to the Black Hills Forest might solve the mystery or at least give them great footage for their documentary, James, Lisa, Peter and Peter’s girlfriend Ashley (Corbin Reid) join a couple who found the purported video of Ashley.   


Together they camp in the woods, hoping to find some elusive clues.

Horror films are peculiar things because the formula is always the same.

The characters make bad decisions.

Certain looking characters die or disappear first.

And moviegoers hope that the characters will survive despite the horrible decisions that got them in that predicament in the first place.

However, from the start “Blair Witch” has a suspense quality more apparent in a thriller than a horror flick.

The suspense comes in whether the foursome should trust Lane (Wes Robinson) and his girlfriend Talia (Valorie Curry), who they do not know personally, only having a relationship with them via the Internet.

Is it intelligent for them to invite Lane and Talia camping since they do not know them?

Likewise, is it intelligent for the foursome not to invite them since the strangers are unfamiliar with the woods and the surrounding area?

Throughout “Blair Witch” the acting is intense and the emotions can be felt.

Despite the suspenseful nature of the film, Peter is able to throw some comedic jabs in there at the expense of Lane.

Peter, who is Black, gives Lane the side eye when he sees the Confederate flag hanging in his house.

While the rest of the foursome contemplates whether they should take Lane and Talia into the woods with them, Peter’s answer is an immediate and emphatic “no.”

Unfortunately, “Blair Witch” can be described as suspenseful, spooky and creepy, but not terrifying per se, which is true for many horror flicks.

Furthermore, the conclusion of “Blair Witch” leaves much to be desired.

However, the ending is enough to make the lead character James cry like a baby.


And although moviegoers will likely not do the same, they will definitely feel his anguish.






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