Emily Blunt stars in “A Quiet Place” (Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures).


Hollywood, Keep it Up 



Two weeks.

Two hits.

Last week, RegalMag.com praised Hollywood for getting it right with the action flick, “Ready Player One.”

Now, Hollywood is getting beside itself because they knocked it out of the park again with “A Quiet Place.”

In “A Quiet Place,” Earth has come under attack by blind creatures that attack, kill and destroy when they detect significant sound.

Humans have to learn to sign in order to communicate, walk without shoes and listen to entertainment like music via headphones.

Matters only get worse when families consist of little children.

Kids want to play, yell, scream and enjoy the days of their youth, not sit in silence in fear of attack from monsters.

The Abbott family in “A Quiet Place” is initially a party of five.

Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) are loving parents devoted to their three children.

Regan (Millicent Simmonds) is the oldest Abbott child and she suffers from a hearing disability.

Lee is so devoted to helping his daughter navigate the world that he tries desperately to create a hearing aid for Regan that will give her some peak into the world that most people get to enjoy.

Marcus (Noah Jupe) is the middle child in the Abbott clan.

“A Quiet Place” begins with the Abbott family raiding an abandoned convenient store/pharmacy to find medicine to heal an ill Marcus.

The family finds some medicine for Marcus, but the baby of the family, Beau (Cade Woodward) also finds a battery-operated space ship at the store.

Through sign language, Lee informs Beau that he cannot have the toy space ship because of the danger that its noise will create.

Despite his warnings, Regan sneakily gives Beau the toy anyway.

But when the toy begins making noise as the family makes its way home, the monsters move in and attack and kill Beau, severing the family bond in the process.

The death of Beau creates distance between Regan and Lee.

However, Beau’s tragic death does not stop Lee’s love for his family and his desire to protect them from the sound attacking monsters that have taken over the planet.

Simply put, “A Quiet Place” is a phenomenal motion picture.

The film manages to accomplish something that Hollywood often struggles with.

The struggle is how to make a film that is unique and not formulaic, but also not too unique and/or too weird?

“A Quiet Place” finds that sweet spot that the motion picture industry has a hard time finding.

The acting is emotional and compelling.

The horror aspect induces chills.

And the pain that the Abbott family has to endure is palpable.

Moviegoers will actually fear for the Abbotts.

Moviegoers will cringe in pain when the Abbotts feel pain.

And moviegoers will turn away when danger is inevitable for the Abbotts.

However, “A Quiet Place” will leave moviegoers hanging a bit in typical Hollywood fashion.

That cliffhanger is the only cliché Hollywood formula found in “A Quiet Place” and who can blame the studio for wanting to leave moviegoers wanting more and clamoring for a potential “A Quiet Place 2.”


A sequel would only be right.






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