Take Everyone You Know to See Takers Film

By Todd A. Smith

            Very seldom are we blessed to see the blossoming of a true icon before our very eyes.  Tip “T.I.” Harris has long been known as one of the best emcees in hip-hop history, but like most rap greats he is not content to just be a hit in the eyes of Billboard magazine but wants to also be a blockbuster hit on the big screen as well.

In the new Takers film featuring the all-star cast of T.I., Idris Elba, Chris Brown, Zoe Saldana, Matt Dillon and many more, audiences will be treated to a true Hollywood hit that will resonate with all who love the action, suspense and gangster film genres.

Simply put, the Takers movie is the must-see movie of the summer.

            Ghost, played by Harris, is returning home from serving a jail stint for a 2004 robbery and has plans to rejoin his criminal comrades who are reluctant to bring him back in the fold.  While on lockdown, Ghost stays true to the code of the streets, by not snitching on his associates and in turn they save his cut of the robbery money.

            He presents a proposition to his old crew that will have them financially set for the rest of their lives, but many like Jake (Michael Ealy) and Gordon (Elba) are suspicious of Ghost’s trustworthiness and are also hesitant because Ghost’s robbery idea is too fast considering they just pulled off an enormous robbery of a federal bank on the day of his prison release.

            However, the thought of earning tens of millions of dollars is too good of a deal to pass up and the crew has to plan an armored car robbery a la The Italian Job in just five days.

            Dillon is a police detective determined to bring down the robbers of the federal bank.  He is typical of anyone who obsesses with their job, even to the point of missing quality time with his daughter and even taking her on high speed chases.

            Typical of any criminal syndicate, the Takers film shows how money and mistresses can lead to jealousy, and when you combine that jealousy with criminal minds a deadly outcome is usually the result.

            In the Takers film, T.I. showcases just as much talent as a thespian as he does through his spoken word behind a microphone.  His character is smooth and charismatic, but with a dangerous edge that will cause audiences to hate his character and root for his more trustworthy associates.

            However, the fact that an audience can hate a character, similar to Wesley Snipes’ Nino in New Jack City and Larenz Tate’s O-Dog in Menace II Society shows that he has the great ability to become the character and make audiences forget that they are watching a rap star.

            Furthermore, the Takers film shows the human side of the robbers.  Often, we see only the sinister side in criminal portrayals and forget that some have a compassionate side, like Gordon caring for his older sister Naomi (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), who is losing a battle with drug addiction.

            Nevertheless, it is safe to say that audiences will be addicted to this film.  And fans of T.I., who is also a producer of the Takers film, can only hope that this just the beginning of a true iconic rise to the type of the entire entertainment industry.







Smith is publisher of Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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