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DC Redemption 



I wonder what the DC Comics movie critics will say about “Wonder Woman.”

The DC haters trashed “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” with many saying that DC did not know how to make superhero movies like Marvel Studios.

However, anyone with wisdom will tell you that one minute people will hate you and the next minute the same people will love you, and vice versa.

All it took for DC to be loved by all the superhero fanatics was the touch and finesse of a woman, with more strength than any man or any god.

That woman happens to be named Diana, better known as Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).

In ancient times, the supreme god Zeus created mankind on Earth to exist in a utopian society of love and beauty.

However, Zeus’ son Aries believes that mankind is actually evil and he goes out of his way to persuade his father how evil mankind can truly be.

After Aries evilly corrupts man with his sinful persuasions, Zeus creates the Amazons, a group of beautiful warrior princesses to teach men how to live and coexist on Earth together.

Irate at Zeus’ creation of the Amazons, Aries vows to destroy the Amazons and the only child amongst the women, Diana.

To protect the Amazons, Zeus creates a utopian island that is unknown to man and other gods to protect the women of Amazonia from Aries’ murderous mission.

Diana’s aunt Antiope (Robin Wright, “House of Cards”), however, knows it is only a matter of time before Aries finds the all-female island and seeks to destroy all of the Amazonian women.

Therefore, Antiope feverishly trains a group of Amazonian women for the possible day of battle with Aries and his evil forces.

Nevertheless, Diana’s mother, the queen Hippolyta (Connie Nelson) does not want Diana training under her sister Antiope because she does not think it is necessary and she does not want Diana to realize her full potential and power.

Hippolyta fears that if Diana realizes her true purpose and position, it would make it that much easier for Aries to find her and the rest of the Amazonian women.

However, when a soldier named Steve (Chris Pine) washes up on shore, he not only represents the first man ever to set foot on the island.

He also represents the realization that the world is in the midst of the war to end all wars and it will ultimately be up to him and Diana to put a stop to it.

The only problem between Diana and Steve is that Steve believes man is to blame for the war while Diana believes the cause is the evil desires of Aries.

The first film about “Wonder Woman” can be described in one word, wow!

“Wonder Woman” is a breath of fresh air, especially in a time when sexism is still pervasive, because it shows a beautiful and powerful woman leading men into battle.

The movie “Wonder Woman” gives an uppercut to the damsel in distress movies with Gadot’s powerful performance as a princess who does not run from battle, but runs to battle with a mission to stop wars and promote peace amongst mankind.

“Wonder Woman” is by far Gadot’s best performance thus far.

Despite being a great film, however, “Wonder Woman” does do a little male bashing, which was unnecessary.

Nevertheless, the movie is not about men and their feelings, but about strong women correcting some of the problems that mankind made.

Furthermore, “Wonder Woman” is about correcting the critics who say that DC cannot make good comic book movies.

Chalk up a victory to the strength of women.


And chalk up a victory for DC Comics.






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