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Perfect Combination


What do you get when you mix “Talladega Nights” and “Thelma and Louise” together?

You get one of the funniest comedy movies of the summer; “Tammy.”

Now, by no means is this a “chick flick.”

“Tammy” is the type of movie that can be enjoyed by all.

Written by the real-life husband and wife team of Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, “Tammy” has a stellar cast that will literally have you laughing out loud.

Tammy’s (McCarthy) luck in life seems to hit rock bottom within a matter of minutes.

As soon as Tammy arrives to work late, her manager Keith (Falcone) immediately fires her.

When she goes home to tell her husband, she finds him cheating on her with another woman.

Feeling defeated, she goes to the only place she feels she can now go, to her parents’ house.

She talks to her mom about borrowing her car because she needs to get away for a while and figure things out.

Tammy’s grandma, Pearl (Susan Sarandon), lives with her mom and overhears the conversation and decides she wants to go with Tammy.

Hesitant at first, Tammy decides to bring Pearl along because she has a car and money. And the road trip begins.

Tammy and Pearl take off on a road trip like Thelma and Louise.

But this duo is a funny, odd combination.

This grandmother-granddaughter relationship is one you have probably never seen before.

Pearl is an alcoholic, pill-popping, horny grandma taking advantage of her newfound freedom.

She quickly learns that this adventure with Tammy won’t be as smooth as she expects.

From Pearl having to give a “lesson” on Mark Twain, to the two of them finding themselves in a bind when they begin to run out of money.

The adventure seems endless.

How do they get out of the bind they are in?

Let’s just say there are a lot of pies involved and some help from some unexpected friends of Grandma Pearl.

Pearl gets help from her cousin Lenore (Kathy Bates) and her life – partner Susanne (Sandra Oh) and also Grandma Pearl’s gentleman-friend Carl (Gary Cole).

There is only one downside to the movie “Tammy;” 96 minutes wasn’t long enough. It could have easily gone for another hour.

McCarthy and Sarandon are fantastic together and the chemistry is amazing.

This movie doesn’t require one to think, analyze, or watch it over and over to understand the concept.

It merely makes one laugh from the time you sit down to the time you get up to leave.

Ultimately, “Tammy” will definitely change the way that a lot of us look at the grandmother-granddaughter relationship.







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