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Comedic Gold


         In the new movie “Keanu,” Key and Peele carry their comedic genius from Comedy Central and YouTube onto the big screen.


Fans of the duo know how they like to poke fun at stereotypes and clichés, especially in the film world. 

In this hysterical and action-packed debut, Key and Peele provide comedy fans with the laughs they are accustomed to and make a statement for themselves on the big screen.

“Keanu” starts off with an interesting and stylish opening scene. 

We are introduced to an adorable kitten that the crowd instantly falls in love with. 

After a gang fight, Keanu escapes and ends up on the doorstep of Rell, played by Jordan Peele. 

This encounter could not have come sooner for Rell; his girlfriend just broke up with him and he has lost any and all direction in his life. 

With his newfound companion, Rell gets a visit from his cousin, Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key), a married man and straight shooter that is too caught up trying to please others that he rarely takes time for himself. 

After Clarence’s wife leaves for the weekend, he and Rell go to see a movie and return to a ransacked home and a missing Keanu. 

Rell is devastated and out for revenge on anyone who would dare to steal his beloved Keanu. 

The duo is then introduced to a world they are not accustomed to; one filled with drugs, gangs, and violence. 

However, in order to get Keanu back they have to act as if they are from the same environment. 

In a hilarious “damsel-in distress” series of events, “Keanu” will have the entire audience almost in tears as the two goofy cousins try to be someone else. 

One of the best parts of the movie is that none of it felt forced. 

Miraculously, the two are able to mystify even the most intimidating of gangsters while still providing a hilarious “fish out of water” feeling. 

Despite the vulgar language, drugs, violence and nudity, “Keanu” still made for a comedy for the ages. 

It had just enough suspense to keep it interesting in between scenes of hilarity, and the whole audience will find something to laugh at throughout the film. 

They did a wonderful job balancing the scenes of action, drama, and comedy, as well as some “aww” factor from the lovable Keanu.

I would recommend “Keanu” to anyone looking for a bunch of laughs and anyone who is a fan of Key and Peele. 

I have been subscribed to their YouTube channel since early 2013 so I often wondered if the two would ever take their talents to the film world. 


After seeing “Keanu,” I am very excited to see what the future has in store for them and hope this is just the beginning of a legacy of comedic gold.






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