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Intelligent Career Move 




To many, Kevin Hart is the funniest cat in Hollywood.

Others might not be big fans of his work.

But few should doubt the brother’s genius.

In “Central Intelligence,” he proves just why he is arguably the funniest cat in Hollywood and one of the most intelligent as well.

With his latest role, he has cemented his place in Hollywood even further and possibly created another film franchise for himself to go with the “Ride Along” and “Think Like a Man” franchises.  

“Central Intelligence,” which also stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has sequel written all over it.

Calvin Johnson (Hart) is the man in high school.  He’s pretty much like “Pretty Ricky” Fontaine (Miguel Nunez) from “Martin” but with a good heart.

He has the finest girl on his arm.

He is the star athlete.

And he’s voted most likely to succeed.

On the contrary, Bob Stone (Johnson) is the outcast, who takes showers during first period in the locker room, and not at home, and openly jams “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” by En Vogue in the process, which violates every man code in the world.

High school is heaven on Earth for Calvin, but hell for Stone.

However, the tables usually turn for those who peak in high school like Calvin.

He is married to his high school sweetheart Maggie (Danielle Nicolet), who is an attorney.

Calvin has a nice suburban Maryland home and a decent career as an accountant.

But he has not taken the world by storm as many of his teachers and classmates predicted 20 years earlier.

With his 20th high school reunion approaching, Calvin does not want to associate with anyone from his past.

However, when a physically transformed Bob reemerges in his life, the excitement that he has been missing comes to fruition for better or worse.

Bob is in the C.I.A. and the only person he trusts with his career secrets is Calvin because of how many times he came to his rescue in high school.

But has Bob also mentally transformed to someone with evil intentions?

Like it or not, Calvin soon finds out after he is caught up in Bob’s stressful C.I.A operations.

“Central Intelligence” is absolutely hilarious.

In “Ride Along 2” some of the jokes and scenes seemed a bit recycled.

But “Central Intelligence” shows that Hart’s act still has many years of success remaining.

His joke about Black people going to the barbershop and not a therapist to solve problems is funny and spot on.

Johnson showed that he could be equally corny as physically intimidating.

He does not take himself too seriously, which makes his corniness very funny as well.

Not only does Bob have no shame doing the vogue dance to En Vogue in the shower, his favorite movie is “Sixteen Candles” and he sees himself as a younger Molly Ringwald to Calvin’s Michael Schoeffling.

Their chemistry is similar to the chemistry Hart shares with Ice Cube in “Ride Along.”

Unfortunately, “Central Intelligence” contains too many similarities to “Ride Along.”

In “Ride Along,” Hart wanted to partner with Cube as a cop even though he wasn’t qualified for the job.

And in “Central Intelligence,” Johnson wants Hart to partner with him to do C.I.A. work even though he’s unqualified.

Despite the similarities, “Central Intelligence” is pure intelligent comedy.

Hart is no fool.

If something is not broke do not fix it.


And his career choices seem strong enough that it will take a lot and a long time to break the momentum.






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