Serena Williams (as herself) makes a cameo appearance, dating Eddie (Peter Dinklage) in Columbia Pictures’ “Pixels” (Photo Credit: George Kraychyk/Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.).


The Invasion of the Video Games



People who grew up in the 1980s would argue that, by far, it was the best decade. The music, television shows, the fashion, and the love of arcade video games would define this generation as “trendsetters.” 

During the 80s, many either played or knew someone who played Pac – Man, Donkey Kong, and Centipede. 

Arcade video games were a huge part of the American culture. 

They were either played at arcades or through an Atari video box. 

People competed with their friends for “bragging rights.” 

No one would ever believe that being an expert at these games would one day save the world. 

The movie “Pixels” does just that; bringing 1980s video games to modern time.

“Pixels” is a movie about three childhood friends in the 1980s that share a love for arcade video games. 

Thirteen-year-old Cooper (later played by Kevin James) convinces his best friend Brenner (later played by Adam Sandler) to compete in a video arcade competition that has come to their area. 

After losing the competition to Eddie (later played by Peter Dinklage), Brenner’s spirits are broken. 

Brenner is consoled by eight-year-old Ludlow (later played by Josh Gad) who has no friends because he is “different.”  

Cooper and Brenner befriend Ludlow. The competition is taped and put into a time capsule. 

Thirty-three years later, NASA launches a time capsule with the tape into outer space in hopes of sharing our culture with other life forms. 

It ends up in the hands of aliens who misinterpret the video games as a declaration of war. 

President Cooper, who is a joke to the country, calls on his best friend Brenner to come to the White House to help him. 

Brenner, who now installs technology for a living, doubts his abilities of helping because of the competition years ago. 

So, they call on their friend Ludlow to help. The three agree that they will still need assistance from one more person who is the best at the video games. 

With some convincing, they are able to get Eddie (the man that Brenner lost to years ago) to help them. 

Each man is an expert in a particular video game.  

President Cooper gets the armed forces to work with his friends in an effort to save our planet.

“Pixels” brings back fond memories to those who grew up in the 80s and had a love for video games. 

The movie is in 3-D bringing Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Centipede right in your face. 

Expect the unexpected with the graphics and also special guest appearances from Serena Williams and Martha Stewart. 

“Pixels” is a movie the whole family can enjoy and is rated PG-13. 






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