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Not Typical King of the Jungle Story




Everybody knows the story of Tarzan, a feral child raised by apes in the African jungle who falls in love with Jane. 


Personally, Tarzan was one of my favorite stories growing up. 


In “The Legend of Tarzan” directed by David Yates, audiences learn more about the origin of Tarzan and gain a more historical grasp on what was going on during his fictional life. 


John Clayton III, better known in the jungle as Tarzan, (Alexander Skarsgård) left behind his upbringing in the wild for a comfortable life in Victorian London with his wife Jane Porter (Margot Robbie). 


He’s been invited back to Congo but unaware of the greed and violent slave trade taking place under the command of the evil Captain Rom (Christopher Waltz). 


“The Legend of Tarzan” did what many previous King of the Jungle movies could not; it showed more than the Tarzan story we all grew up on.

Filled with flashbacks of Tarzan’s childhood, this film did an excellent job filling viewers in on his origin. 


One of my favorite aspects of this film was the dazzling shots and special effects. 


Every animal, including the gorillas, looked absolutely terrifying, only to be calmed by the legendary Tarzan. 


Skarsgård’s performance was a very convincing run for the King of the Jungle. 


Along with the intense fight scenes and suspenseful showdowns, there were several instances of witty humor slipped in, especially by Samuel L. Jackson’s character George Washington Williams. 

In an effort to stop the enslavement of the natives in Congo, Tarzan and Williams take part in a great adventure to stop the greedy Captain Rom and save Jane (of course). 


As John Clayton III begins to turn back into his Tarzan self, the character dynamic between him and Williams is hard not to enjoy. 


The two encounter many road bumps along the way, including the powerful and vengeful Chief Mbonga (Djimon Hounsou) who is seeking Tarzan’s head. 

Almost every aspect of “The Legend of Tarzan” was wonderful. 


I say almost because at some points it was quite obvious and predictable. 


However, this did not take away from the beautiful cinematography and acting completely. 


I was on the edge of my seat even though I knew Tarzan would save the day. It almost made it more suspenseful because I knew it was coming. 

I would highly recommend “The Legend of Tarzan” to anyone who grew up loving Tarzan and loves an action-filled thriller. 


I had high expectations for this film and it exceeded all of them. 


Audiences will love the witty banter between Tarzan and Williams and fall in love with Jane and Tarzan all over again. 


This film encapsulated much more than your average Tarzan story. 


It focused on real world problems and historical events that made in even more interesting.






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