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‘Night School’ Gets Television Accreditation; Hart Inks Deal with Peacock


Say what you want about Kevin Hart and his personal life.


But you cannot say much negative about his businesses acumen and his winning track record in the entertainment industry.


Business is about branding, and Hart has taken the “Night School” movie and turned it into a television series, signing on as the executive producer.


Other executive producers of “Night School” include Will Packer (“Think Like a Man”), Sheila Ducksworth and Malcolm D. Lee (“The Best Man Holiday”).


Chris Moynihan from the sitcom “Marlon” will write the multi-camera sitcom.


NBC ordered the “Night School” pilot episode, which comes from Universal TV.


Hart co-wrote and produced the movie version of “Night School,” which also starred Tiffany Haddish.

The film version of “Night School” centers on Teddy (Hart), a successful high school dropout, earning a good living as the lead barbeque salesperson at his company.


Despite living a good middle class life, Teddy wants to impress his beautiful and rich girlfriend.


He lives the good life despite not having a good enough income to provide for the lifestyle that he enjoys.


Nevertheless, Teddy does enough to keep up the façade.


Things look up when his boss offers to let him take over the company once he steps down from the day-to-day operation of running the company.


But his dreams go up in smoke after an accident at the barbeque store.


When Teddy begins looking for an adequate job to replace his old job, the fact that he does not have a high school diploma begins to kick him in the behind.


His best friend works as a financial analyst and Teddy desperately wants to work in the field.


However, Teddy would have to complete his GED to qualify for the job.


In order to prepare for the GED, Teddy has to go to night school to prepare for the GED where he joins other misfits (even prison inmates) struggling to finally finish high school.


Hollywood Reporter reported, “Similar to the film, the potential series will follow a mix of adults at a night school GED prep class who unexpectedly bond over their shared experience and find themselves helping each other both inside and out of the classroom.”


The movie “Night School” grossed $109 million on a $29 million budget.


“Night School” earned $27 million on opening weekend.


In his movie review, RegalMag.com publisher Todd A. Smith gave the film version of “Night School” glowing reviews.


Smith wrote, “What is guaranteed from ‘Night School’ is uncontrollable laughter thanks to the characters that director Malcolm D. Lee (‘The Best Man Holiday’) develops.


“Romany Malco’s character is a ‘woke,’ mentally challenged, bald-headed married man who desperately wants his GED so that he does not have to take a job cleaning hotel rooms at Best Western.


“Malco’s character is a walking contradiction.


“Although he refers to his wife as his queen, he also refers to her as his ‘bottom B.’


“He claims to be so deep, but mistakes Skype for some illuminati witchcraft.


“Fat Joe’s character has to Skype in from prison to attend night school.


“Although he is focused on his education, his classmates watching him on Skype have to focus on having his back because at any moment one of his enemies from the prison yard can try to sneak up on him behind his back with a shank.


“Although Teddy is the definition of dumb, Rob Riggle’s character challenges him for dumbness supremacy.


“When the night school class tries to break into Piedmont High School, all of the other burglars wear all black, while Riggle’s character dons a bright yellow hoodie.


“Although Hart finally finds comedians and actors to match his comedy skills, the current king of comedy deserves most of the praise because of his co-writing credit.


“Along with five other co-writers, the creative minds behind the characters in ‘Night School’ create a film in which all of the stars shine equally in terms of comedy.”


Over the years, Hart has found continued success as a television executive producer and co-executive producer with shows like “Real Husbands of Hollywood,”  “Campus Law” and “The Big House.”


Hart’s new Netflix docu-series “Don’t F*** This Up” has gotten rave reviews as well as criticism from fans and critics.


People loved the raw honesty of the docu-series, but criticized Hart for his treatment of others.


Hart also recently inked a deal for his Laugh Out Loud Network (LOL) with the new NBC streaming service, Peacock.


“In partnering with Peacock through my Laugh Out Loud network, we’re able to bring our comedy in color proposition to an even broader audience,” Hart said. “Their investment in Laugh Out Loud takes us to the next level, furthering our mission to build the biggest comedy company in the world by amplifying diverse, hilarious comedic voices. So thankful and appreciative for the opportunity.”


The Peacock streaming service launches April 15 for Comcast Xfinity X1 customers, as well as Flex customers.


Deadline.com reported, “Peacock is getting into business with Kevin Hart. NBCUUniversal’s forthcoming streaming service has signed a multi-year deal with Hart’s Laugh Out Loud network, which includes an equity investment into the company, a first-look deal with LOL, and the distribution of LOL’s catalog on the service. 


“Additionally, as part of the agreement, Laugh Out Loud will produce a Kevin Hart stand-up comedy special, an original interview series, ‘Hart to Heart’ hosted by the comedian, along with a series of short-form content exclusively for Peacock.”

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