United States President-elect Donald Trump and musician Kanye West pose for photographers in the lobby of Trump Tower during Trump transition meetings in New York on Dec. 13 (Photo Credit: Rex Features via AP Images).


Just Kanye Being Kanye

While rapper/producer Kanye West definitely deserves empathy because mental health deserves concern, the eccentric star has definitely given the world some strange and outrageous moments that have left people perplexed.

Fresh out of the hospital, West recently visited President-elect Donald Trump to discuss life and/or multicultural issues depending on what report one reads.

There is nothing wrong with having a seat at the table of the President-elect despite what critics say about NFL legends Jim Brown and Ray Lewis because how can Black issues get on the agenda if Black people cannot get into the room?

What is strange is why Trump thinks West is someone knowledgeable enough to discuss multicultural issues and not someone who is dedicated to uplifting the minority community.

Nevertheless, strange and West go hand-in-hand like white on rice.

Therefore, RegalMag.com would like to stroll down memory lane and remember five of West’s most outlandish remarks and actions.


  • Who can forget when West called out then President George W. Bush during NBCUniversal’s “A Concert for Hurricane Relief” on Sept. 2, 2005 saying, “George Bush does not care about Black people?”  Comedian Mike Myers seemed shocked even though West told him he would ad-lib his comments, and the camera immediately changed to an unprepared Chris Tucker.  While West was correct in criticizing the government’s slow Hurricane Katrina response to the residents of the predominantly Black New Orleans and the way the media negatively portrayed them, it was just awkward that he would choose to ad-lib in such a dramatic way.

  • West will always be remembered for the time he interrupted young singer Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards when she beat out Beyoncé for female video of the year.  He did not allow Swift to give her acceptance speech because he wanted the audience to know Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.  Although Beyoncé later let Swift come up to give her acceptance speech after Beyoncé won an award, West was wrong on two fronts.  He was immature in taking away Swift’s moment to shine.  And he was wrong about Beyoncé’s video because Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is still the best video of all time and no other video deserves to be considered as one of the bests.

  • Stopping a concert in the middle of a performance to go on a rant about Jay-Z is definitely grounds for a refund.  Concertgoers do not care about West and Jay-Z’s friendship but that did not stop him from going on a rant about how Jay-Z never called to check on his wife Kim Kardashian West after she was robbed in Paris.  He went on about how their kids do not know each other.  He later pleaded with Jay-Z not to send his killers after him.

  • Every Christian should be Christ-like but that does not make a person Jesus Christ.  Nevertheless, West still appeared on a Rolling Stone magazine cover as Jesus with a crown of thorns.  The headline for the cover story read, “The Passion of Kanye West.”  Furthermore, he named one of his albums “Yeezus.”  One has to be delusional for going from gospel raps in “Jesus Walks” talking about how the Lord walks with him to actually thinking he is the Lord.

  • West’s latest album “The Life of Pablo” is the work of a genius.  But like West said, most geniuses are crazy.  At one point he called “The Life of Pablo” a gospel album with a lot of cussing.  The album does have a lot of cussing.  But other than “Ultralight Beam” with Kirk Franklin, Chance the Rapper and Kelly Price not much of the gospel can be found on the album.  He talks about the Virgin Mary being in the club surrounded by thugs.  Furthermore, he raps that he might still have sex with Swift because he made that b**** famous.  It is highly doubtful that the Lord would approve of those lyrics.

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