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Shootings in Chicago Know No Limit by Golden Herring
Too many innocent children falling victim to fatal shootings in Chicago
Published: Friday 06 November, 2015
Freddie Gray Death: Peaceful Protest or Lynch Mob? by Golden Herring
Critics have compared Freddie Gray protestors to lynch mob
Published: Friday 24 April, 2015
Whatever Happens to those Exonerated After Wrongful Convictions? by Natalie Goode-Henry
Many who endured wrongful convictions say money not enough to make up for loss time
Published: Friday 07 November, 2014
Will Changes to Stop-and-Frisk Make Difference in Community? by Amity Paye
Leaders say communities of color shouldn't celebrate changes to stop-and-frisk just yet
Published: Friday 21 March, 2014
Shop and Frisk Tactics Have Disturbing History by Amity Paye
Shop and frisk latest racial controversy after arrests of Black shoppers in New York
Published: Friday 29 November, 2013
Slavery Still an American Reality by Amity Paye
Although illegal, 60,000 people enslaved in America
Published: Friday 08 November, 2013
Many Former Inmates 'Imprisoned' Again by Unemployment by Natalie Goode-Henry
Thousands of former inmates are released each year from prison; what are their employment prospects in midst of recession?
Published: Friday 27 April, 2012
Is College Crime More Prevalent at HBCUs vs. Mainstream Schools? by Meta J. Mereday
College crime has dominated news coverage in recent years
Published: Friday 02 March, 2012
Fascinating Relationship Between Crime and Religion by Meta J. Mereday
Crime and religion; increase in religion, leads to decrease in crime
Published: Thursday 25 August, 2011
Does Black and Missing Equal No Media Coverage? by Warren Cornelius
If you are Black and missing, expect little coverage from media.
Published: Thursday 16 April, 2009
What Happens to Children of Incarcerated Parents? by Todd A. Smith
Children of incarcerated parents face enormous obstacles.
Published: Thursday 12 February, 2009
The Affect of Prison on an Inmate's Wife
How does the incarceration of Black men affect the women in their lives?
Published: Saturday 29 December, 2007
Half of Murder Victims are Black Men by Warren Cornelius
Murder rates of Black men rises.
Published: Tuesday 25 September, 2007
Are We Too Quick to Judge Rape Suspects? by Horace Miskel
Acquittals of high-profile rape suspects shows court of public opionion too quick to judge.
Published: Tuesday 24 July, 2007
Wake up Black Men by Todd A. Smith
Number of incarcerated African American men rises.
Published: Tuesday 24 July, 2007
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