The Second Coming Might Not Occur in 2020

Newsflash Black America; unless Jesus Christ comes back in 2020, we will not see a savior or perfect leader to correct all of the wrongs that society has done to us.

Another newsflash; even if a perfect leader comes back for the second time, people will still have something negative to say like, He is too perfect for me.

Since it is impossible to please people, especially the residents of Black America, critics of former Vice President Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate need to think back over the last four years to determine if they want a sequel.

In 1980, former President Ronald Reagan asked Americans if they were better off now than they were four years earlier when they elected former President Jimmy Carter?

For the majority of Americans, the answer was no.

Under President Carter, Americans had gotten kidnapped in Iran.

People had to wait in endless lines to purchase gas because of a fuel shortage.

And although many saw Carter as a good Christian man, which he was and is, the bad outweighed the good in many people’s minds.

Was President Reagan the perfect candidate or perfect person?


Who could forget the War on Drugs, Iran-Contra affair and his war on the Black Panther Party while he served as governor of California?

Who could forget how he did not want to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. with a national holiday?

However, Americans chose to look past Reagan’s flaws because they did not want to go back to the economic doldrums of the Carter administration.

Many wanted a leader who would stand up to foreign leaders a little more demonstratively than the laid-back Carter.

Therefore, Americans made a practical decision and elected Reagan as the 40th President of the United States of America.

Black America has to realize that politics is not about perfection.

It is often about pragmatism.

Politics is about leadership and using one’s leverage to help those with less, the common man.

So while Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris might not have been your first choice for the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket, do you like the alternative more?

If not, you need to make a practical, common sense decision on Nov. 3 and vote President Trump out of office.

A friend of mine put up a meme on Facebook on Aug. 13 saying something to the effect that no one needs to know that the Biden/Harris ticket was not your first pick.

The meme went on to say, does your spouse know that they were not your first choice?

As a matter of fact, do you know that you might not have been your spouse’s first, or second, choice either for that matter?

However, you still got married and started a family, right?

The meme went on to say, does your job know that they were not your first choice either?

The company’s first choice might have turned them down before they chose you anyway.

However, you still go to work every Monday through Friday and sometimes on weekends because the alternative would be homelessness and starvation.

And if the company did not hire someone competent for the job, the work would not get done and the profits would stop coming in.

America faces the same quandary that those companies face when they have a job opening and not enough qualified applicants.

If America does not hire someone with competence, compassion and common sense, we will face a massive threat to our democracy and the things that really made America great from 1776 to 2016.

Those things are checks and balances, freedom of the press and true leadership.

Unfortunately, just like in 2008 when former President Barack Obama ran for the Democratic presidential nominee, many in the Black community said that President Obama was not Black enough.

Because of his biracial background, many Black people thought the blackest thing to do in that situation was vote for a White woman, Secretary Hillary Clinton.

In some Black people’s minds, a person with a Kenyan father was not Black enough.

However, a White woman whose husband implemented a crime bill that has ravaged the Black community ever since was somehow Black enough.


Likewise, many of the same brothers and sisters have dusted off their Black-enough barometer to dismiss Harris as not being Black enough because her mother came from India.

So I guess, the alternative is to vote for a president who retweets White supremacist supporters yelling, “White power.”

Or, I guess they will vote for rapper/producer Kanye West who has turned in his freedom papers to become Massa Trump’s latest slave trying to divide the house Negroes from the field Negroes to help maintain the status quo at the plantation known as the current White House.

But I cannot totally blame Trump’s racism for the plight of Black America.

Trump does not have to do anything to destroy Black America.

No racist, bigot or outright White supremacist needs to lift a finger.

Because instead of lifting a finger to help a fellow brother or sister, Black America would rather point figures just to prove how woke they are.

We as a people have to stop with that Black enough bull jive.

Black people have always come from every hue, socioeconomic status, neighborhood, city or religion.

Therefore, my foolish, but fellow, brothers and sisters, you are not the litmus test for blackness.

You are instead the litmus test for division and defeat because that is where we are headed because you want to prove how conscious you are.

Just imagine if someone had told W.E.B. DuBois, Malcolm X or Booker T. Washington they were not Black enough because they had too much White blood in their veins.

They might not have been the darkest.

They were not even saviors in the least bit.

But America did need not a savior then and does not need one now.

America just needs a competent and compassionate leader who cares more for the collective than they do about their own career.

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