Cult Leader Calls Obama a Monkey


            Just when many Americans believed that Barack Obama’s success in the Democratic primary was a sign that racial divisions were mending, racism has reappeared and threatens to curtail the progress that has been made.           

            Lyndon LaRouche recently compared Obama, one of the most successful Blacks in politics, to a monkey and referred to his mother as a race-mixing slut, comparing her to Margaret Mead, a woman who had various husbands of various ethnic backgrounds.

            “If you chase Obama’s family tree, everybody’s climbing and swinging from the branches there—from all over the world,” LaRouche stated.  “Every monkey in every tree from every part of the world, has participated in the sexual act of producing him.  And he works for organized crime—which is a branch of British intelligence.

            According to Dennis King of, LaRouche’s followers “seeking a political alliance around seemingly legitimate issues” have approached Blacks in politics for their assistance.

            “The LaRouche people are trained in deceptive tactics,” King said, “and have scored successes from time to time.  I hope that ministers, state legislators and others in the Black community who’ve been tricked into lending their names to some LaRouche-sponsored conference or rally—and also White liberals like Ed Asner who’ve become enamored of LaRouche—will look at the evidence … If they do, I think many of them will agree that it’s time to sever all ties with the LaRouche network.”

            A further look at some of LaRouche’s past writings shows that he views the Black community as a subhuman culture.  He supported the apartheid government of South Africa from the 1970s to the mid-1990s and has been associated with the Ku Klux Klan and other White supremacists.

Comments such as the ones made by LaRouche and the media’s obsession with the fiery rhetoric of Rev. Jeremiah Wright has led many like Joy Behar of “The View” to believe that Obama’s opponents are using racial fear to “sabotage” his campaign, and that of other highly regarded Blacks in politics.

            Since the release of Wright’s incendiary remarks, the Black community and prestigious Blacks in politics have had to defend Obama and his historic bid at the White House.

            A candidate who has spent his entire political life defending the rights of all citizens, not just those in the Black community, has had to constantly answer questions about his close relationship with his former pastor and whether or not he shares the same views.

            It would be hard to believe, that John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic in the White House, would have had to endure the same scrutiny if his priest and spiritual advisor faced accusations of sexually molesting young children.

            No one would think for a moment that Kennedy was a child molester, simply because his priest allegedly molested children.

However, for Blacks in politics like Obama, serious issues like health care, high gas prices and a never-ending war are pushed to the background because of mainstream media’s determination to derail his once unstoppable momentum.

            It is important that the Black community and White community realize the insignificance of Wright’s remarks.  Because after all, people like Wright and LaRouche are not running for president, and their views are irrelevant.

Miskel is a writer for Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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