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Civic Leadership

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Biden Shouldn't Have Used Unity When Discussing Relationship with GOP by Todd A. Smith
President should have used words like respect, civility instead
Published: Thursday 18 February, 2021
STOP Calling MAGA Movement Patriotic, Christian by Todd A. Smith
Patriotic means love of country; Christianity represents love for fellow man; MAGA means blind loyalty to 45
Published: Friday 08 January, 2021
Biden Election Won't Be Enough to Heal Division Exposed During Trump Presidency by Todd A. Smith
Trump presidency exposed ugly reality about America when it comes to racism, sexism
Published: Friday 06 November, 2020
If Trump=Strength, Harris=Condescending to You, You're Part of Problem by Todd A. Smith
Many still cannot handle strong, intelligent woman of color like Sen. Kamala Harris
Published: Friday 09 October, 2020
'King' Donald Trump Would Definitely Not Make America Great by Todd A. Smith
President Donald Trump's rhetoric sometimes sounds more dictatorial than democratic
Published: Friday 04 September, 2020
Slavery Comments Like Dr. Ben Carson's Attempt to Whitewash History by Todd A. Smith
Dr. Ben Carsonís statement on slavery especially troubling because many attempting to deny horrors of slavery
Published: Friday 10 March, 2017
President Trump Will Never Be on John Lewis' Level by Todd A. Smith
President Trump's statements about John Lewis being all talk, shows ignorance of history
Published: Friday 20 January, 2017
Heed MLK's Advice, Use Drum Major Instinct For Service by Todd A. Smith
Drum major instinct not character flaw if one uses ego to become best servant to others
Published: Friday 04 January, 2013
Let's Demand Justice for Trayvon Martin by Todd A. Smith
Murder of Trayvon Martin proves racism is alive and well
Published: Friday 16 March, 2012
Remembering Forgotten Civil Rights Heroes by Todd A. Smith
Civil rights heroes like Jefferson Thomas of Little Rock 9 should never be forgotten.
Published: Thursday 09 September, 2010
Black Empowerment Comes From Within by Todd A. Smith
Community only has to look at history to see that Black empowerment comes from pride in culture.
Published: Thursday 10 December, 2009
Will the Next Generation of Leaders Please Stand Up? by Todd A. Smith
Who are the leaders of Black America in 21st century?
Published: Tuesday 24 July, 2007
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