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Good Friday 2021: Last Year Tried to Kill Us, But Like Phoenix We Rose From Ashes by Todd A. Smith
Last year proved that what does not kill us, makes us stronger
Published: Friday 02 April, 2021
Forgiveness Not Same As Restoration by Todd A. Smith
Everyone should forgive, but not all relationships deserve restoration
Published: Wednesday 28 October, 2020
My 2019 Testimony by Todd A. Smith
2020 will be your year of breakthrough because 2019 did not break you
Published: Friday 27 December, 2019
Salute to Jean Family for Forgiveness Despite Police Brutality, Hatred from Other Blacks by Todd A. Smith
Any Black person who chastises Jeans during time of bereavement embarrassment to race
Published: Friday 04 October, 2019
No Weapon Formed Will Prosper; But Don't Give Weapon to Enemy by Todd A. Smith
Do not give enemies ammunition to use against you
Published: Friday 19 April, 2019
Black Church Burnings Epitome of Hate, Evil by Todd A. Smith
Black church burnings, bombings as common as summer heat
Published: Friday 12 April, 2019
Don't Think God Not Needed When You Reach Top by Todd A. Smith
With success comes wolves, need for discernment and direction
Published: Friday 23 November, 2018
Speak It Into Existence: Positive Thinking Produces Positive Results by Todd A. Smith
Negative thoughts often produce negative results
Published: Friday 02 March, 2018
All Testimonies Include Never Giving Up by Todd A. Smith
Blessings often closer than they appear
Published: Friday 08 December, 2017
Hurricane Harvey Affected Pastors, Christians Too by Todd A. Smith
Criticism of Christian pastors like Joel Osteen in Hurricane Harvey aftermath unfair, uninformed
Published: Friday 01 September, 2017
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