A Heineken commercial has been called racist because of its slogan and imagery.



Chance the Rapper Remains Outspoken on Societal Issues

Hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper does not bite his tongue when it comes to speaking out on social, political or racial issues.

The Chicago emcee defended Dallas traffic anchor Demetria Obilor when a viewer body shamed her in 2017.

He has spoken out against violence in his hometown.

And this week, he had some choice words for beer company Heineken after the company released a controversial commercial, which said that “sometimes lighter is better.”

Chance the Rapper tweeted, “I think some companies are purposely putting out noticeably racist ads so they can get more views. And that s*** racist/bogus so I guess I shouldn’t help by posting about it. But I gotta just say tho. The ‘sometimes lighter is better’ Hienekin (sic) commercial is terribly racist omg.

“Im not saying boucott (sic) or go off. “im just noticing how often it happens and I think they baiting consumers and tweeters and freelancers and s***. Like I didnt wanna tweet about it so bad but its like how can u not.”

In the Heineken commercial, a bartender slides a light beer past several African-American patrons before it lands in front of a White woman.

The Heineken commercial ends with the White lady drinking the light beer, surrounded by White men with the “sometimes lighter is better” statement.

According to NBC News, the Heineken commercial was pulled because of complaints.

Heineken said in a statement that, “we missed the mark.”

The company had received praise for producing a diverse 2017 commercial with people from various backgrounds discussing their views.

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